Sunday, August 4, 2013

Writing Tips From Authors - And how they became published authors

New publication coming soon - Indie authors welcome to participate.

Packed with  loads of tips from successful Indie authors.
Dear reader, regardless to whether you are a budding writer, or a successfully published author, I hope you enjoy reading the stories, interviews and shared advice from some very talented people. I hope you find the information in this book not only interesting but also insightful. Perhaps you will take something interesting from this book that will assist you on your own writing journey. For those published authors that would like to share their story with others, you can contact me on anytime.
On behalf of all the authors involved, thank you, enjoy the book.

For further information regarding this publication, Writing Tips From Authors, you can contact me at 
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This book is dedicated to all those souls that spend hours, days, months, even years, with the sole purpose of entertaining others with the written word.

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