Friday, June 29, 2018

Pre-order today for just 99c - Discover the 17th-century magic of Witchwood

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The day of his arrival in colonial Massachusetts, Desmond is befriended by four witches claiming to be travelers from the 21st century....

Gillian brushed her fingers across her lips. “Baby Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. You kiss her like that, Desmond Harvey, and she’s bound to be yours until her dying day, and perhaps even after that.”

No one really knew for sure if the legends about the Harvey witches were true, unless you were a witch, of course. Everyone certainly liked the idea of visiting the pretty little town called Ferntree Falls, however, where supposedly the very first Harvey witch had settled after escaping witch hunters in England during the 17th century.

After hitching his ride on a cargo vessel named Charmed Mistress, with its creaking timber hulls full of grain, livestock, herbs and spices, and rats.


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