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Book Review By L.E.Olteano

Paradox - The Angels Are Here - Patti Roberts

Paradox – The Angels Are Here – Patti Roberts

My butterfly-o-meter rating:
“Since the beginning of time there has always been two things that change lives forever – War. The other – Love. My life has not been an exception to either… “
-Smashwords on The Angels Are Here

The first thing that I truly liked about it is the style of the writing; it instilled in me the acute sense of being present to something quite wonderful. I, for one, always love the art of the word above the more action-oriented way of writing, but I also know that there are those who value the easier to read style. For me, the writing here scores a lot of points.

It’s adequate to tales of angels, demons, gods, and mighty, legendary creatures. I was especially pleased by Patti Robert‘s descriptive talents, they’re a godsend to my personal tastes; however, I will say, the ‘voices’ of the human characters could benefit from a simpler approach.
Another thing that I loved, and this is always a make or break deal for me, was the “villain”-ish category of characters. If your book doesn’t have one guy that I wanna be kidnapped by, then it’s not going to really work out between us. Well, Patti Roberts has offered at least one character so far that I seriously wanna petition to have me kidnapped and taken back to his lair. I’m not going to go spoiler-y on you guys, but I’m telling you, there’s one epic hot guy in here. I am sort of sad that he isn’t featured in the story so far as much as I’d like him to, but I am hopeful that he’ll make more of an appearance in the future.

I appreciated the way the book introduces you to Grace, really introduces you to her and her growing pains and difficult or better moments; you get a real, vibrant sense of who Grace really is and I suspect the entire series will benefit greatly from it. Of course, I’ll have to wait and read it all in time to be sure about it. One excruciatingly well done part was the one dealing with Grace’s loss; it felt so intensely real, that you literally have no choice but to go through it with her.

There were a few moments where I felt disoriented, or slightly confused, along the way; the story has a tempo of its own, a sort of very personal beat that you have to get into. There are also a few loose ends in the story so far, not to mention The Angels Are Here ends with a major (evil) cliffhanger, but I suspect a lot will become clearer with the fallowing installments.

I must say I love the cover too, it looks very, very promising. Until next volumes are available, The Angels Are Here and me have good chemistry, this is the beginning of a potentially beautiful relationship.

L.E. Olteano

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