Do You Believe...?

Do You believe....?

Review by: Jayde Scott   : star star star star star
I'm one of those people who kinda believe when we die, something must stay behind, be it the soul, a higher conscious, or a residue of our inner self so, naturally, I picked this up, not least because it was free on Smashwords. I Believe was such an amazing, eye opening read, comprised of several accounts of people and their experiences with something 'out of this world.' It was interesting to the point that I couldn't put it down. The writing was sharp and to the point, leaving you eager to read on to find out what the next person had to share. Very good and inspiring novella that I'd thoroughly recommend.

I am currently compiling stories to publish a free ebook "I Believe."  And eventually, publish the paperback version.

This is a book in progress and it is about real people's thoughts and beliefs about Angels, Heaven, Soul mates, The afterlife, Near death experiences...

Reincarnation....  The spirit world.  ghosts...?

Did something strange happen to you after a loved one died?

Is there a Heaven?

Have you ever experienced anything unexplainable?

Did you know when something bad was going to happen...?

Have you ever met someone and taken a great liking or disliking to them straight away....  Like you have known them before?

Some stories should be told, should be read!  Your story can inspire others in a way that you could never have imagined or understood.   

If you would like to have your story or belief's included in this free ebook, and eventually paperback, or would like to know further information, please email me.  You can remain ANON if you like.

Stories can be as long or as short as you wish.

For those that submit editorial, Links can also be added if you choose directing readers to your blog/facebook/twitter/web.

Free Download now at Smashwords 


  1. I have some stories and will send some of them to you ASAP.... In fact, I have 7 books with all these types of stories in them. true stories and co-authored tab link on my author site discuss those books.

  2. I started in childhood as a very poor atheist. When old enough to understand as well as any, I became (and remain) an agnostic. I have no belief in ghosts and such. I DO think that psychic abilities exist but are still evolving. At times of extreme tension, these abilities may be exposed but sadly we don't live in a tolerant Society so the vast majority of those who have truly experienced things will never be suspected of it. Such is the way of our world.


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