Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Up Close & Personal with Sheilagh Lee aka S.G.Lee author of Love’s Labours Won (the Stone Chronicles Book 1)

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Hi  Sheilagh, welcome to my blog :)

1.)Where were you born and where do you call home?
 I was born in London, Ontario, Canada and that is where I call home.

2.)What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 30 or less words, what would you say?
My new book is Love’s Labours Won (the Stone Chronicles Book1)

3.)If you gave some of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?
Sarah would say that she is finding herself (still working on understanding herself and her abilities.) Demetrious would say that he has never met anyone quite like Sarah and that’s why he is attracted to her.

4.)Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?"
Yes this is part of a series I think it will be a three part series but they are also stand alone books. The next book in the series is called "A Tiger Wrapped In A Player’s Hide." My first book includes a teaser chapter of it at the end of Love’s Labours Won

5.)What or who inspired you to write?  And how long have you been writing?
My mother was always telling stories and writing and encouraged her children to do the same. I think I’ve been writing stories in my head long before I could put them on paper and writing them down as soon as I could put pen to paper. I have thousands of papers and books with short stories and parts of books on them. Writing has always taken me into the world of that character and I love getting into the character’s mindset and their life.

6.)Would you like to giveaway a copy of your book on this blog?
I would love to give one lucky reader a copy of my book. I hope that they will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

8.)Have you based any of your characters on someone you know, or real events in your own life?
Aunt Iva is a combination of my maternal grandmother and my mother. 

9.)What books have most influenced your writing most and why?
I think Kelley Armstrong books and Charlaine Harris’. I love the strong female characters they write.

10.)Is there an Author that you would really like to meet?
Do I have to pick one? LOL I’d love to meet Charlaine Harris, Maureen Jennings  and Kelley Armstrong.

11.)Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?
I love all the medians, however I just got a Kobo for my birthday and am enjoying the convenience of being able to carry so many books anywhere I want to go.

12.)Where do you prefer to buy your books?
I get them from Amazon, Chapters, Smashwords and other bookstores.

13.)Are you a self-published (Indie) Author?
Yes I’m a self-published Indie Author

14.)Have you ever read a book more than once?
Books I adore I read more than once. I read Paradox more than once.
Patti Says:  Really…  Thank you!

15.)Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version?
The English Patient was a great movie. Sorry I know I’m Canadian and should love Michael Ondaatje ‘s book but I didn’t .I had trouble even finishing it however I’m stubborn and I did.

16.)What book are you currently reading and in what format (e-book/paperback/hardcover)?
I am currently reading Triangles. I was lucky enough to receive a free copy from Simon and Schuster Canada. It is not my usual read but very interesting none the less.

17.)What book do you know that you will never read?
I can’t say I would never read any particular book. I have read some different Michael Ondaatje and have actually liked them. I often will try at least to read a book that I receive as a gift that I would never pick myself. The thing with a good book is that every page holds a story that is developing and you want to read more.

18.)Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest and why?
Many there are some exceptional authors and indie authors that have really piqued my interest. Recently I have been reading a lot of e-books and trying out my e-reader. Books like Paradox-The Angels Are Here-Book 1 by you Patti, and Osric’s Wand the Wand Makers Debate by Jack D. Albrecht Jr and Ashley Delay, In search Of Lucy by Lia Fairchild , and Nature of the Best by Jodi Langston.so many great choices out there for readers to read.

19,)Is there anything you would change in your last book and why?
No, any changes I would have made I made in the final draft.

20.)Who designed the cover of your book?
My daughter who had taken some media design courses. 

21.)Do you have a book trailer?
Not yet but I am working on one.
Patti Says: let me know when it is done so I can post it here!

22.)What are your thoughts on book trailers?
They are an interesting way to market a book but they are new developing median for advertising your book and are in their earliest stages, so some hit and miss their target audience

23.)Do you have any advice for other writers?
Pick something you like and write about it even if it’s on a blog the more you write the more comfortable you will get with sharing your writing and improving. 

24.)What is the best advice that you have ever been given when it comes to writing?
The best advice I’ve been given is just go ahead and write. Edit later if you have to and keep a pen and paper handy for ideas that you come to you out of the blue.

25.)Do you write under a pen name?
I write under my first initials 

26.)Do you ever write in your PJ’s?
Does everyone? LOL
Patti says:  If they don't, they don't know what they are missing!

27.)What are your pet peeves?
Being late. I have a terrible need to be on time so much that I’m often early. So when someone is late it bugs me
Unkindness it only takes one mean comment to hurt someone so why say it or do it?

28.)Cats or dogs?
Cats. I like their independent streak.
P Says:  Me too!  Now if only they could open tinned food and answer the door!!!

29.)White wine or red?
White sometimes they put colouring in the red and I’m allergic to it.

30.)Coffee or tea?
I prefer tea but will drink either.

31.)Favorite food?

32.)Vanilla or chocolate icecream?

33.)What do you normally eat for breakfast?
Some kind of oats, whether oatmeal, mini wheats etc.

34.)What are 4 things you never leave home without?
Daughter's pictures
Cell Phone

35.)Laptop or desktop, for writing?

36.)Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?
Living room 

37.)you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?
My husband and daughters and SIL someone who knew how to survive on one.

38.)One of your favorite quotes -
That best portion of a good man's life;  his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love. 
William Wordsworth
English Poet

 39.)List 3 of your all time favorite books?
1) “As You Like it- William Shakespeare”
2) “What Katy Did”By Susan S. Coolridge
3) So hard to choose here. I guess I’ll choose “Grave Sight”by Charlaine Harris

40.)List 3 of your all time favorite movies?
1.) From Hell
2.) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
3.) The Notebook

41.)An actor you have a crush on
I can’t pick one I like two almost equally. Pierce Brosnan and Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd 

42,)What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
The Walking Dead, although I have to admit the zombie eating parts I cover my eyes.

43.)Where can your readers stalk you?
My blogs:

My Goodreads author page: not available yet
Other: Diesel  http://bit.ly/vWdNAs

44,)Is your book in Print, ebook or both?
E-book at some point I may make it a print book for now it’s an e-book only.

P Says: Create Space is great for that!  Cost nothing to have it published and made available on line.  And it's easy to do to.  POD

About The Book:
Sarah is a young single woman in dire straits. Her rent is due, she was fired from her last job and she has no family to turn to. So she accepts the fateful offer of a mysterious job interview, which turns out to be a ruse to steal gifts that she never even realized she had. As she set upon this journey Sarah will discover a world of magic, mystery and the supernatural. As Sarah learns about this new world she is exposed to adventure, danger and intrigue...and romance in the form of the mysterious Demetrious Blackstone. All the while Sarah must learn to control her gifts and suppress her own demons to defeat the perils that await her. Only then can she discover her inner voice and follow her own path that will lead to the true love she knows she deserves.
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