Friday, November 1, 2013

Terror at the Beach

Someone is terrorizing the people on the beach. Sarah James lives in a condo on the beach and owns a boutique close by. Her boyfriend, Robert Kola, is the sheriff of Monroe Beach. He is worried about Sarah and wants her to move in with him so he can protect her. She refuses. Things are happening to her that she can’t explain. She receives merchandise for her shop that she doesn't remember ordering. Someone who smokes has put mileage on her car. Then she finds bloody clothes in the back of her closet and believes that someone is trying to frame her for murder.

About the Author: Peggy Holloway.
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I have had three careers before turning to writing. I taught Mathematics in high school and community college, worked as a geophysicist in a major oil company exploring for oil and gas and worked as a counselor/psychotherapist with adults, groups, families, couples and teens. I have a BS in geology, an MCS in mathematics and an MA in Psychology. I taught Algebra II to William Faulkner's granddaughter.

My past writing experiences were writing plays for the neighborhood kid to put on when I was around 12-14 years old, writing technical reports as a geophysicist, writing research papers while working on my masters in psychology, and writing letters to judges, with recommendations, while counseling juvenile justice adolescents. 

Besides writing mysteries, I like to read (anything I can get my hands on), paint landscapes in oil and in enamel on glass. I enjoy swimming and walking on the beach.

You can tell a lot about my psyche by reading my self-help book entitled THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN. I have had many struggles in life and I like to incorporate my experiences into my writing.

A fantasy I have is to wear a Versache evening gown and dance the tango with Al Pacino.

I am a night person and can't stand morning people who wake me up early. I like relating to one or two people rather than being in a crowd. Most of my friends are for life.

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