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Brand New Release from DAVID BISHOP


Linda Darby Mystery - Book 3

An assassination is planned in Syria. 

An extramarital affair occurs in Washington, D.C. The U.S. President decides to run for re-election.

A mother and her daughter in Oregon are threatened. Relentlessly, Linda Darby and Ryan Testler are pulled toward these seemingly disparate events until their only way out is to confront what is quickly becoming unavoidable.  




David Bishop stuck his author nose under the edge of the mystery tent with his first novel in October 2011. Since then his mysteries have maintained a constant presence on Amazon Best Selling Lists in multiple categories of mystery novels. He has also been listed numerous times among the 100 best selling authors of mysteries, including appearances among the top 10. Also numerous lists of Amazon Top-rated mysteries. For the month of May, 2015, David Bishop was an Amazon All-Star Author--one of the bestselling 100 authors in Amazon.

David writes several series characters:

MATT KILE MYSTERIES (in the order of release): Who Murdered Garson Talmadge, The Original Alibi, Money & Murder, Find My Little Sister, The Maltese Pigeon, and his newest release (April, 2016) Judge Snider's Folly.
MADDIE RICHARDS MYSTERIES (in order of release): The Beholder, and Death of a Bankster.
JACK McCALL MYSTERIES (in order of release): The Third Coincidence, and The Blackmail Club.
The stories within these series are independent, not continuing. They can be read in any order.

Some personal comments from David:

I was born in Washington, D.C. From there my life likely mirrored that of a lot of my readers. We moved around. I got some education. Played some sports, and got some more education. Prior to becoming a novelist, I worked as a financial analyst determining the value of companies. But let's talk about my current and final career, writing mystery novels.

As a writer, I conjure up occurrences designed to quickly bring the story to a roiling boil. Along the way, I invent people. Victims and villains and heroes are needed, as well as a supporting cast. I make these people fun and interesting so you will welcome them and introduce them to your friends. Primary characters need habits and tics and talents, the qualities that bring them to life and make you love them or hate them. You'll want to see them humiliated or hunted down, be successful or seduced.

My mysteries offer you the opportunity to be challenged to find the villain from among the suspects. Clues as large as a log or as tiny as a bump thereon are salted throughout the stories. There are distractions in the form of false clues, called red herrings, which point to someone other than the real villain.

Take a journey with me. Laugh. Hold your breath. Cheer. Boo. The characters are rich and the plots are grabbers. I promise that you'll be glad you came along. Some people don't like golf or chocolate or even a hearty laugh. But I'll bet you like some of those things and I'll bet you'll like my mysteries. Yours very truly, David Bishop

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Charming Billy Authored by Gerald Lane Summers

Charming Billy General William, “Billy” Brand, retired from the RAF and the USAF suffers from PTSD. On the verge of suicide at age 57, he is advised by his psychologist to return to Europe to re-establish his relationship with Countess Moira Sinclair-Lewis, face his fears and air battles during the Battle of Britain and find a way to deal with the horrors that have been haunting him for so long.  
Authored by Gerald Lane Summers, Cover design or artwork by Paradox Book Covers-Formatting
Print List Price: $14.99
Ebook: $5.99
Print book 358 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1511898027
ISBN-10: 151189802X
BISAC: Fiction / Romance / Military
I enjoyed this book immensely. Strange as it may sound, it put me in mind somewhat 
of Downton Abbey. Similar in that Charming Billy is also loaded with history, drama, 
and romance. It contains the right amount of thrills and sweetness. I loved it!!

About the author: Gerald Lane Summers, J.D. is a retired lawyer and juvenile court referee with thirty years of service within the Justice system of California. He has served in every branch of the system, from police officer, probation officer, and as a Grand Jury Foreman. As a hobby, he studies military history at great length, especially the Battle of Britain as featured in this novel. He has also been a private pilot and understands the nature of aviation.

Contact the author at:

Print edition - CreateSpace Store:

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Gerald Summers THE SCENT OF A RED CANDLE: This is for all of you biologists and other curious folks out there. The earth is approximately four billion years old. Life has been evolving on earth for approximately two billion years. In the beginning, there were the bacteria and the archaea. Then, apparently quite by accident, the two merged. The bacteria evolved chromosomes which provided the new microbe with energy, while the archaea provided the structure upon which it could build. This then evolved into all of the various other forms of animal life we know. 

The event has been called the "miracle merger," and no further such mergers have occurred since then, at least that are known. Now, from the fertile imagination of author Gerald Lane Summers, humans have found there were in-fact other mergers that gave rise to a highly developed form of neuron being capable of wiping humanity out if they chose. The problem is that humans have been destroying their habitat, the marshes, wetlands and swamps of the world. Without a choice, they finally decided they'd had enough.

The story is told through the eyes of Ben Colder, a San Diego homicide detective first introduced in "The Accidental Cop." Thinking he was tracking down a serial killer who leaves a red candle to burn down on each of its victims, Colder and his team discovers the truth and must report the national security danger to Washington.

Gerald Lane Summers is a retired lawyer, writer, and teacher with over thirty years service within the justice system of California. His work as a police officer, probation officer, juvenile court referee, historian and writing instructor have uniquely qualified him to write about the old west, police work and the justice system in general. "The ACCIDENTAL COP" is his third novel. His fourth, "Charming Billy," released in April, 2015, is an historical romance about Billy Brand, VC who fought as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain and suffers from PTSD. He returns to Britain to face his demons and reestablish his relationship with Countess Moira Sinclair-Lewis.

Both of Mr. Summers' first two books, historically based western action adventures, have received high ratings by reviewers averaging 4.4 to 4.7 stars.

They are: "Mobley's Law," and "Curses," both Mobley Meadows novels. The third and final book in this triolgy will be available in 2014.

The ACCIDENTAL COP, is based broadly on Mr. Summers early police career. He holds the record for wrecked patrol cars in one year at the El Cajon Police Dept. His work as a probation officer and subsequent studies of law and psychology provided him with the expertise to write about the current rash of clerical molestation cases.

A short synopsis of The Accidental Cop follows:

San Diego Detective Sergeant Ben Colder, known as "Choo choo," for running his patrol car into a parked train and wrecking three others in one year, is assigned to investigate the twelve year old murder of a child found in the roots of a tree at the San Diego Mission de Alcala. When his team discovers the murder was the first of many across the nation by a serial killer associated with the Catholic Church, they find themselves being stalked by special operations teams determined to protect the church from scandal.

Mr. Summers can be reached at:

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A Fair Dinkum Pain In The Neck. 99c FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - BY Peter Henri

A Fair Dinkum Pain In The Neck

"A down to earth, yet truly inspirational book about surviving and living with cancer." Patti Roberts.
"Mr Henri's book is an inspiration to anyone dealing with illness, or any adversity." Tabitha Ormiston-Smith.

It’s every person’s nightmare – a diagnosis of cancer.

Himself an allied health professional, Peter found himself suddenly on the other side of the table when he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. This book follows his journey, both from the point of view of a surprisingly amateur patient and from that of a health professional, through emergency surgery, the ensuing radiotherapy, recovery and his eventual return to work. 

Devoid of any hint of a victim mentality, this cathartic story serves as both an account of what the whole cancer trip is really like and a profound reflection on the damage to personal health, and to the general health of the nation, that comes from tobacco use. 

INTRODUCTION by Peter Henri.

When I first had thoughts about writing this I wanted to make sure that I didn’t make it another ‘how I survived cancer’ or ‘how I coped with cancer’ book. In fact, in the case of laryngeal cancer, it is my opinion that if you wake up after the operation, then you’ve survived, in which case a book on the subject would be extremely short and would simply read something along the lines of, “Well, bugger me! I’m still alive.” Mind you, if that was your thought immediately following the operation, then the statement would definitely need to be put in writing, as it would not be possible to state it verbally. By the same token, I did not want to write along the lines of those books that purport to offer “the only” cure, or “the only” way to prevent or recover from cancer. I prefer to think that it takes more than just a special diet, or an exercise regime, or a particular form of meditation, or a mind control technique as a “stand alone” miracle prevention or cure. However, it is also very important not to discount people’s experiences with cancer and what they believe helped them.

How long you survive after an operation, or chemotherapy, or radiotherapy, or all of those combined is, depending on your philosophy, either in the hands of the gods or what you can do yourself with the help of the health profession. Or perhaps it might be good thinking to have a dollar each way. You never know. In referring to the health profession I include all of health, that is, in my view, as well as medical procedures and pharmacotherapy, the health profession encompasses mental health, allied health and alternative health.

There is, however, an important choice. That is, whether you choose to focus on simply surviving and coping or whether you choose to add value to survival by dealing with it and getting on with living and seeing the experience as just that, a life experience that actually adds value to your life. And by living I mean growing. I don’t mean growing old, I quite simply don’t believe in that concept; you keep growing until you die. Certainly if you live past fifty or so, the physical wear and tear begins to show in no uncertain terms, and if you should live to a ripe old age there can be shrinkage and curvature and a lessening, or in extreme cases, a loss of some functions. However, that’s not growing old; it’s getting old or simply ageing, and more than likely, as in my case, the aches and pains are the rewards of a misspent youth. In other words, it’s a concept of time, of wear and tear, not of growth. So, if you don’t keep growing until you die, and that is growing in knowledge and experience and, most importantly, in the emotional and spiritual self, you are missing out on life.

I know some people in middle age who are quite a bit younger than I am in years, but who I believe appear and act older than I do in terms of being old. They seem to concern themselves with an ever-increasing need to add to the value of their material assets, and spend the day worrying about the future rather than getting value out of the day, and often without adding to the value of themselves as a human being. For them, their sense of childlike fun is replaced by ‘mature’ or ‘adult’ humour, and some can be heard to remark that their own parents’ or grandparents’ behaviour is as if they are into their second childhood. My thoughts on that are: why is it necessary to leave the first one behind? Keep it with you. After all, it’s part of you, so don't discard it and then find it later during a nostalgia trip in an old photo album. I also know people my age and older who spend their time looking back and commenting on what might have been, or using “in my day” as a preface to a statement. Well our day is now, today, not yesterday, not tomorrow. And lastly, I know some people who are substantially older than I am in years, but who show the verve and vigour and importantly, the good humour and sense of humour of youth. However, unlike the young, they have the wisdom of years to call on. So I do mean growing. Life is about experiences, and learning in all ways from those experiences is growth. Living, and therefore growing, in the human experience is also about love, both giving and accepting, and for me it was the love of family and friends that made the choice to deal with what beset me and get on with living and growing, rather than simply coping and surviving, an easy option. I will also add that I see my friends and my family as being all family and all friends.

About the author:
Peter Henri was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia. He spent time as a young adult travelling and working in Queensland and the Northern Territory before returning to Sydney where he married. After the birth of his son, he and his wife moved to the rural coastal area, south of Adelaide in South Australia. They had a hardware business and a wholesale tool business before Peter trained to become a life insurance agent.

Peter entered the Flinders University in South Australia where he studied sociology and psychology. Peter also studied Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy. He was also part owner of a coffee lounge, the reason for that according to him is that it was the only way he could get a proper Italian-style cappuccino.

Peter moved to the Northern Territory over twenty years ago where he enrolled at the Northern Territory University, that is now the Charles Darwin University. He graduated as a Social Worker and has worked as a mental health professional in the alcohol and other drugs field and in mental health, in various parts of the Northern Territory and north and north-west Queensland.

A little over two years after he started his career in social work, he contracted laryngeal cancer, and it is the story of that, the treatment and the recovery from it that makes up the contents of this book.
He continues to work in the mental health field and now lives in the Darwin rural area where he continues to enjoy the tropical climate that he refers to as Paradise.


Reviews matter, so if you have enjoyed reading this book, please leave a review.

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Author spotlight - Who is Chariss K. Walker?

Who is Chariss K. Walker? 
Chariss K Walker, B. Msc., M. Div., writes both fiction and nonfiction books that share metaphysical insight... what some would call paranormal occurrences.
Chariss has said that each step she's taken in life has led to this very moment. She encourages others to understand that each experience, whether considered a blessing or a mistake, was the right choice to make at that time. She says, "It’s the reconciliation and acceptance of the choices we’ve made that turn those experiences from fear to love." Chariss has many life lessons to share through her writings.
A lifelong student, she’s studied religion and metaphysics extensively for many years through seminars, e-courses, home-study courses, self-help books, and earning educational degrees (Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences and Masters of Divinity). She’s been known to read two and three books at once in a quest to understand and share with others what she’s learned. However, her real qualifications matter more: life experiences, true insight, and helping others. In 2001, Chariss completed the highest degree attainable as Reiki Master/Teacher. She shares metaphysical and esoteric concepts studied for over thirty years in both nonfiction and fiction writings.

Why a writer?
Chariss began reading and writing even before her formal education began. She says, “The words simply made sense to me. I always knew I would become a published author, but the dream wasn't realized until 2008. Life kept getting in the way.”

Book Genres?
“I’ve written about everything…usually the stuff no one wants to talk about. The stuff that isn’t considered polite conversation, such as abuse, rape, incest, death and grief. The dark and dirty secrets that families keep hidden make my writings dark, very dark. My favorite fiction genres include crime, thriller, paranormal. My favorite nonfiction genres are centered around inspirational and personal growth topics in body, mind, and spirit. Because I'm a wounded healer, I accept the dichotomy, allowing me to write both easily.”
You might find it strange for an author to write such a mixture, but her fiction book characters have superhuman/supernatural/paranormal abilities and gifts. The knowledge about these aspects comes from the study of all things "metaphysical," a category that can't be explained by science. For example, there really are "auras" and "chakras" and some people can see them. People do dream "dreams" that come true. “Child-eyes” is a very real state of being. Although her nonfiction books discuss these topics, her fiction books are also filled with insight. Some characters listen to their inner voice, some see visions, some receive messages, and some experience spiritual transformation.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. ~~ Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio/Shakespeare.


Contact/Follow Chariss to discover more of her books: 

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Here there be monsters. 

Thirteen-year-old Rachel and her little brother, Jeff, are looking forward to a weekend of canoeing and spending time with their friends up at the family cottage on Storm Lake in Ontario, Canada. But something terrifying has birthed itself from the trees, and the kids find themselves trapped in an isolated marina fighting for their lives. 


This book proves yet again what a skilled writer Val Tobin is. As a parent I was instantly drawn into the story, laughing at the interaction between the brother and sister. It reminded me of many road trips stuck in the back of the car with my own little brother. The weekend promises to be an idyllic getaway but mysterious events soon change it from a welcome break, to a fight for survival. The story starts off quite calmly but as soon as the plot switches to horror, the pace picks up and speeds towards the unexpected ending. Even though this is a short story, it feels like a full novel condensed into a few pages. I found the ending quite refreshing and it left just enough for the reader to think about. I could easily see this as the first book of a series as there is a lot of scope to develop the plot further.




Formerly a software/web developer, Val Tobin now spends her time writing. She is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Angel Therapy Practitioner® with advanced training, certified by Doreen Virtue in Kona, Hawaii. Val contributed a story to Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue's book "Angel Words." She has written numerous novels and some short stories, available on Amazon and at other retailers. In April 2016, Val received her master's degree in parapsychology.

#FREE - - Storm Lake - - by Val Tobin #FREE on Kindle #Amazon#shortstory #ficstory #thriller

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Peaceful Worlds Game Over, By Brian Michael Good

Peaceful Worlds Game Over: God has Children Elsewhere (Self-Help Books: Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth, Inspirational, Motivational, Happiness Book 4) BY Brian Michael Good

The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps towards a more Peaceful World or Game Over — Armageddon. Ask yourself this… What would you do if you knew the end was near? The future can only be changed in the present.

Free will, a human’s greatest gift after life itself comes with a price. God will not save you. The human race (women) must save themselves. You may be the missing link that is the difference between a Peaceful Word and World War III. What are you waiting for? The clocks ticking... Oh... It’s a nuclear clock.

What I have learned from thinking outside the box can give you a new perspective on how the human consciousness may evolve spiritually and intellectually. I will offer concepts that will require strategic actions that may promote a safer more Peaceful World.

“Do you believe because you understand, or do you understand because you believe?” — Brian Michael Good

Rather than listening to a person with a louder voice, empower yourself by listening to your inner voice. Take action by getting yourself a copy of one of Brian’s four motivational and inspirational books. You will be so grateful you did!

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All-New Kindle—All book. No glare. Zero distractions.


Introducing the newest member of the Amazon device family. The all-new Kindle e-reader offers the following benefits and much more:

• The all-new Kindle is 11% thinner and 16% lighter than the previous generation Kindle, making it easy and comfortable to hold in one hand.

• Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-built fonts to create crisp text similar to what you see in a physical book. The blacks and whites on the screen are uniform, improving text and image quality.

• No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets.

• Kindle doesn't need power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for weeks on a single charge.

• Unlike reflective tablet and smartphone screens, the high contrast touchscreen display eliminates glare in any setting—even direct sunlight.

All-new Kindle is available for pre-order today.  HERE


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New Release - Book 3 in the Wheel Of The Year Anthology

Bring Forth the Power of the Creature in your Soul!

Enter a magical world where those around you are not who they seem. Take a quest as fantasies become real, and mysteries unfold into beautiful tales and horrid betrayals. Inside these pages, you will be sucked into a realm where all that seemed impossible is anything but. Dragons, Bird Men, Demon Hunters, and Mermaids all await you within these stories.  

Litha, also known as Midsummer, is the day of the summer solstice, when the sun is at the height of its journey. It is a day filled with fire and magic before the year begins to wane. For each pagan holiday, there will be a corresponding volume in the Wheel of the Year Anthology.

Cherron Riser on Facebook HERE

Book 1

Book 2

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Author spotlight - PJ Byer - New Release In the Trail Bay Series

#99c - #NewRelease Out now by PJ Byer
This book is the much anticipated prequel to Collision, Book 1, in the Trial Bay series. 
Collision traces the arc of runaway Stella and her father Paul Lawson’s fractured relationship, to their tentative reunion in Trial Bay, on the Australian mid-north coast. Their story hints at the many lies buried at the heart of their family history. 
Now this new book in the series, Corrosion, set between 1958 and 2008 in Sydney and Trial Bay, explores this generational secrecy in alternating chapters. It unravels the story of Stella’s father, Paul, and his mother, Mary. 
Paul, a lonely, confused teenager, is desperate to avoid being sent to boarding school by his elegant, career-driven mother. He’d rather risk living with his unreliable, irresponsible father and attend the local high school, than let his mother decide his future for him. 
Mary has striven all her life to overcome her desperately unhappy childhood. Born illegitimate, Mary is raised by her grandparents to hide the scandal. She experiences bitter rejection, and is determined her son will never lack the opportunities denied her. Unfortunately, her wealth, ambition and steely control over her son form only a thinly-veiled veneer to hide devastating secrets. 
In their final showdown, what does Paul discover? And will it destroy him, and her?
PJ began to write the day after she retired from English, History and Drama teaching. Inspired by the stories of Trial Bay gaol, where hundreds of World War One Germans were interned, her series has evolved to delve into family generational secrets, and the fall-out from these.
Happily married with two adult daughters, PJ lives on the Central Coast near the beach, an hour north of Sydney. Her interests include bushwalking, stand-up paddle boarding, theatre, music and singing, as well as volunteering for ShelterBox, a disaster relief charity.


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Cauldron: Unstoppable Nazi Zombies

Two men stand guard over the entrance to a forgotten Cold War bunker. There’s something down there. Something locked behind ancient steel doors. Something that scrapes around in the dark. If you come looking for it, you die. 

Naturally, somebody comes looking for it…

Not so best-selling author Ross Vittachi becomes convinced a lost Nazi artefact – a golden cauldron once in the hands of Heinrich Himmler – may be hidden somewhere in Outback Australia, and he’s on a mission to find it. 

Teaming with newspaper reporter Larry Kirby and Larry’s no-nonsense girlfriend, Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Reilly, Vittachi embarks on an unlikely hunt for Nazi treasure – a hunt that will soon see them chopping their way through hordes of ravenous, reanimated corpses and straight into the malevolent heart of the Third Reich’s darkest secret. 

Bon app├ętit.

About the Author.
Colin Wicking is the editorial cartoonist with the Northern Territory News.
Based in Darwin, his work also appears in the Centralian Advocate and the Sunday Territorian.
In 2004, his cartoons were recognised as a Northern Territory Cultural Heritage Icon by the National Trust.
He thinks he's funny but his wife doesn't.

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