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Gerald Summers THE SCENT OF A RED CANDLE: This is for all of you biologists and other curious folks out there. The earth is approximately four billion years old. Life has been evolving on earth for approximately two billion years. In the beginning, there were the bacteria and the archaea. Then, apparently quite by accident, the two merged. The bacteria evolved chromosomes which provided the new microbe with energy, while the archaea provided the structure upon which it could build. This then evolved into all of the various other forms of animal life we know. 

The event has been called the "miracle merger," and no further such mergers have occurred since then, at least that are known. Now, from the fertile imagination of author Gerald Lane Summers, humans have found there were in-fact other mergers that gave rise to a highly developed form of neuron being capable of wiping humanity out if they chose. The problem is that humans have been destroying their habitat, the marshes, wetlands and swamps of the world. Without a choice, they finally decided they'd had enough.

The story is told through the eyes of Ben Colder, a San Diego homicide detective first introduced in "The Accidental Cop." Thinking he was tracking down a serial killer who leaves a red candle to burn down on each of its victims, Colder and his team discovers the truth and must report the national security danger to Washington.

Gerald Lane Summers is a retired lawyer, writer, and teacher with over thirty years service within the justice system of California. His work as a police officer, probation officer, juvenile court referee, historian and writing instructor have uniquely qualified him to write about the old west, police work and the justice system in general. "The ACCIDENTAL COP" is his third novel. His fourth, "Charming Billy," released in April, 2015, is an historical romance about Billy Brand, VC who fought as a Spitfire pilot during the Battle of Britain and suffers from PTSD. He returns to Britain to face his demons and reestablish his relationship with Countess Moira Sinclair-Lewis.

Both of Mr. Summers' first two books, historically based western action adventures, have received high ratings by reviewers averaging 4.4 to 4.7 stars.

They are: "Mobley's Law," and "Curses," both Mobley Meadows novels. The third and final book in this triolgy will be available in 2014.

The ACCIDENTAL COP, is based broadly on Mr. Summers early police career. He holds the record for wrecked patrol cars in one year at the El Cajon Police Dept. His work as a probation officer and subsequent studies of law and psychology provided him with the expertise to write about the current rash of clerical molestation cases.

A short synopsis of The Accidental Cop follows:

San Diego Detective Sergeant Ben Colder, known as "Choo choo," for running his patrol car into a parked train and wrecking three others in one year, is assigned to investigate the twelve year old murder of a child found in the roots of a tree at the San Diego Mission de Alcala. When his team discovers the murder was the first of many across the nation by a serial killer associated with the Catholic Church, they find themselves being stalked by special operations teams determined to protect the church from scandal.

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