Friday, March 25, 2016

Cauldron: Unstoppable Nazi Zombies

Two men stand guard over the entrance to a forgotten Cold War bunker. There’s something down there. Something locked behind ancient steel doors. Something that scrapes around in the dark. If you come looking for it, you die. 

Naturally, somebody comes looking for it…

Not so best-selling author Ross Vittachi becomes convinced a lost Nazi artefact – a golden cauldron once in the hands of Heinrich Himmler – may be hidden somewhere in Outback Australia, and he’s on a mission to find it. 

Teaming with newspaper reporter Larry Kirby and Larry’s no-nonsense girlfriend, Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Reilly, Vittachi embarks on an unlikely hunt for Nazi treasure – a hunt that will soon see them chopping their way through hordes of ravenous, reanimated corpses and straight into the malevolent heart of the Third Reich’s darkest secret. 

Bon app├ętit.

About the Author.
Colin Wicking is the editorial cartoonist with the Northern Territory News.
Based in Darwin, his work also appears in the Centralian Advocate and the Sunday Territorian.
In 2004, his cartoons were recognised as a Northern Territory Cultural Heritage Icon by the National Trust.
He thinks he's funny but his wife doesn't.

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