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Author, Tony Rabig, has free ebooks for you!

Tony Rabig | 3 comments Hi there. I've got some fantasy stories available through Amazon's Kindle store, Smashwords, and wherever else Smashwords' distribution system has placed them. In order of publication, most recent first, they are:

"The Point"
One night, Diana Harris, heartbroken, humiliated, and lonely, took a long walk away from campus; she walked out to The Point and was never seen again.

The campus legend says that she's still out there, that her ghost still haunts The Point.

Over the years, four young men walked alone at night to The Point, and vanished without a trace.

And tonight Bill Spender is walking away from the campus, not caring where -- just away. He's walking out to The Point...

"The Other Iron River, and Other Stories" includes:

"Ghost Writer":
All libraries are haunted -- the spirits of men and women long dead live on there, in the words they wrote, in the work that they poured their lives into creating. They survive through the books they put on paper.

But what of the books they didn't live long enough to write? The books unfinished? The books that might have been? Bob has inherited his grandfather's house, and with it his grandfather's life work -- his library, a library that is haunted in a way Bob would never have imagined... (This story is available as a freebie at Smashwords and a few other sites.)

"Acts of Faith":
The dead walk, and feed on the living, and survivors try to find safe places to ride out the zombie plague. But there are other concerns beyond individual survival: can the world be rebuilt -- can the store of knowledge be preserved for the future?

One man is trying to choose what needs to be carried away from the library in which he hides, knowing he can't carry enough, and knowing that he may not find survivors at all before he falls prey to the living dead. Trying to preserve some record of the past is an act of faith, and in the day of the zombie acts of faith can be fatal...

"The Other Iron River":
The town of Iron River is slowly fading away, declining as its younger people move away and the older ones die. But there is another Iron River -- the town as it was a century ago. And if you're the right kind, you can step back into yesterday, and stay. Paul and Beth are the right kind, but is leaving their own time really what they want? Contemporary fantasy with a Twilight Zone feel.

I'm hoping to get some reviews, so "The Point" and "The Other Iron River, and Other Stories" have 100% discount coupons available at Smashwords -- if you use the coupon, please post a review here at Goodreads, at Smashwords, and at Amazon (and anywhere else you feel like posting it).

Naturally, I'd just love good reviews, but if they're not favorable, well, such is life. Give it to me straight. I can take it. I think. Maybe.

Smashwords coupon code for "The Point" is NL93T
Smashwords coupon code for "The Other Iron River, and Other Stories" is QP57C.

The coupons are good until June 7.

Thanks in advance and bests to all,

Tony Rabig

Tony Rabig Biography:

Tony Rabig is a former bookseller, librarian, computer programmer, and teacher. He has written book reviews, articles for librarians, and (now that he's retired and the family won't miss any meals or mortgage payments) is now working on fiction. Several of his short stories are now available at Smashwords, Amazon's Kindle store, and at other ebook retailers; a novel is planned for late summer or early fall 2011.

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