Thursday, May 5, 2011

Book Review - The Sunwright Chronicles: Empire at War By Kevin M. Villegas

Just had to share the latest review for my novel!

It is by Giovanni Gelati

Now if you go through my booklists on Goodreads or check out my archives on Gelati's Scoop you will find that I don't groove on this genre too much. I tried this novel to see if I could enjoy the genre and the author intrigued me.
Was I let down? No way, I was pleasantly surprised. The author, Kevin M. Villegas created a very nice universe here. He painted it with very nice strokes, creating images that took me away to a time far in the past during which I found being a resident for a short time, enjoyable. His ability to describe the action scenes and landscape gave me the feeling of walking through the woods with his characters and smelling the rotting leaves and horse hockey. I give this novel a big yes; don't pass this up whether you enjoy this genre or not. At bare minimum, put it in your Goodreads -to read- list.
Please check out my novel The Sunwright Chronicles: Empire at War (Epic Fantasy Adventure)

Kirmar, the pinnacle of civilization in the world of Tera is on the brink of destruction. A barbarian super tribe known as the Nords has invaded from the East. The Nords have already captured a powerful duchy of Kirmar, now the Nords pour into central Kirmar and threaten to march on the Imperial Capital Itself.
For nine hundred years the Sunwright family has defended Kirmar and supported its powerful Imperial Family. Now the Imperial family has been all but destroyed by war and disease. To make matters worse Paris and Suadela the head of the Sunwright family have mysteriously disappeared.
Tobias, Calia, and Pershing Sunwright are left to weather the storm without the guidance of their parents. Tobias is the Marshal of Kirmar commander of what is left of the Imperial Army. Calia is a gifted physician with a hidden talent, and Pershing is a talented diplomat and mage. Even together they might not be able to save the country they love.

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