Friday, May 27, 2011

Riders of the Wind: A Novel By Robert DeBurgh

Riders of the Wind is set in the turbulent times of the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties.

It traces the lives, loves and adventures of six people through this heroic era in aviation.

Loosely based on the life of airmail and airline pilot Charles A. Cross Jr., the tale is told in the language and spirit of the times.

The book graphically portrays the adventure and romance of flight in the pioneering years before World War II, taking the reader into the cockpit with the airmail pilots battling the night through horrific weather and with the route survey pilot in the wilds of the Amazon.

It guides the reader through the speakeasies of the prohibition era, the depths of the depression and ultimately to the Eagle Squadrons in the Battle of Britain. Told in very human terms, the story also portrays the courtship and deep abiding love between Charlie Cross and his wife, Doretta and the friendship and camaraderie in the world of aviation in that era.

Winds of Fate could be called a war story but it is not. Instead it is the story of ordinary people caught up in the furor of World War Two. It is the story of Charlie Cross and his wife Doretta, both civilians but ultimately tied to the military, Charlie as a Service Pilot with Air Transport Command and Doretta as an instructor with the Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Winds of Fate
takes the reader from the security of the civilian airlines to Natal, Brazil, across the South Atlantic to India and the heroic Hump operation over the Himalayas. It also takes the reader through the world of the WASPs and the lives of the female ferry pilots who flew military airplanes within the United States under the most difficult conditions.

It is a novel of endings and beginnings. The end of one life and the beginning of another and the end of one love and the beginning of an epic love affair that will span oceans, years and continents, Yes, it is also a love story, a story of the love for friends, for country and the love between a man and a woman under the duress of war.

About the Author

Bob DeBurgh learned to fly at the age of fifteen and has over nineteen thousand hours of flight time. He has been a flight instructor, cargo pilot, mail pilot, bush pilot, mercenary fighter pilot and has served as captain for three airlines. As a professional pilot he has flown in the US, the Caribbean, Central and South America and Africa and still flies commercially on a daily basis.

He has written aviation articles and stories for various publications and has written many science fiction and fantasy short stories. This is his first novel. DeBurgh holds degrees in psychology and sociology and is continuing to pursue his doctorate. He lives in the Southeast US with his wife of many years and his six dogs.

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