Thursday, May 12, 2011

Forgotten Future by Rashaad Bell

Forgotten Future

Forgotten Future

I remember the Forgotten Future.
Where destiny is epilogue and bygone is prologue.

I have witnessed the Weapons of the Gods fall into the hands of the Humanity Brood.
When the Gods themselves fall victim to their own mechanisms.

I have journeyed to the crossroads, places that cannot be found until their entrance coincides with your next impending footfall, where the space between spaces demands its audience in full.

I have lived through the Death of the Gods and witnessed their return, committing their teachings to memory. Would you presume to bare witness?

Have you heard the tale of the Vampire?

Yes, of course you have, but what have you learned of their secret?

If I could provide you with just a slither of comprehension, would you gleam a portion of this knowledge for yourself? Or would you just cry in the dark, praying for the Sun?

Yes, Brothers and Sisters, I remember the Forgotten Future very well indeed.
Come and sit with me child, for I have a story to tell.

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  1. Well I was doing a google search of my name (because that's what I do when I'm bored) and I came across this site! Well I am Rashaad Bell and I wrote Forgotten Future and I just wanted to thank you for posting this up here.

    The Book is currently for sale on all e-reader devices, kindle-amazon, ipad-ibook store, nook-barnes and nobles...ect

    The paperback should be on sale at Amazon, hopefully some time this week. (fingers crossed)

    My new novel, The Vampire Manifesto will be out sometime in August 2011.

    Once again, thanks for placing this here, you're awesome!

  2. I think I came across your book on goodreads and thought it sounded really interesting. And as I like to promote books and Authors I posted it here. Would you be interested in doing an interview? Patti. pattiroberts7(@)gmail(dot)com


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