Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shadow House [Kindle Edition] By Stuart Land

In 1920’s Massachusetts, the murderer, PJ McAvoy, believes Aaron Molina is responsible for his family’s death, so devotes a lifetime of vengeance against this man— born fifty years later.

SHADOW HOUSE is a supernatural thriller about two men, alive in different times, who share a terrible secret that, through a quirk of fate, saved one, but damned the other.

The threads of these seemingly unconnected lives begin interleaving between five-year-old PJ, critically injured when his family dies in a mysterious fire, and contemporary suburban family man, Aaron, when he purchases an antique toolbox at a flea market.

Through Aaron’s “visions” into PJ’s tragic past, the carpenter’s life is witnessed firsthand, from the childhood injury that precipitates his paranormal ability to kill, to an orphanage where babies mysteriously die, through WWII combat years and the death of his first love. For every tragedy that befalls PJ, or act of mayhem he inflicts, he senses Aaron’s interfering presence, and holds him responsible.

To save himself and his family from PJ’s vendetta, Aaron must learn the secret that binds them together and how to master his own innate paranormal abilities. PJ’s plans, however, go far beyond mere revenge, where his own death is not an obstacle, and Aaron’s demise will be but a footnote.

This novel is aimed for avid horror readers who cuddle the "chill of terror" from authors such as Anne Rice and Stephen King, and even further, to mystery lovers who tantalize over the who, why, and how aspects of crime and death, from Dan Brown to Jonathan Kellerman. This is NOT a traditional ghost story.

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