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Kids Corner - The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip

Recently I received an email that prompted a new section for my blog. I've called it "Kids Corner" and it will be all about books for kids.

Author.... Carrie King - Some have asked …is she the next J. K. Rowling?

The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip

The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip is targeted at Children aged 11-14. (Although the Author defines that as Children aged 9 - 90!)
The story opens with the Bombing of Bath in England, in April 1942.
Joni-Pip lived a pampered life with her Anglo-American family in Bath, England until the bombings of World War II forced them to escape to Knotty Knook, their cottage in Windy Woods on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest.

On their journey there, Joni-Pip meets three young strangers who suddenly appear, briefly speak to her, and then disappear. Unaware they will play an important part in her life, Joni-Pip soon forgets about them.

At Knotty Knook, Joni-Pip and her teddy bear Ethelred-Ted (who is much, much more than an ordinary teddy bear), play in the woods and visit her grandfather at his nearby cottage but magical things happen in Sherwood Forest and through what appears to be a tragic event, Joni-Pip begins a magical journey through time.

‘Beautiful Books’: Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Magneto in X-Men)

‘A rare feast……a fabulous journey!’: R.J. Ellory (A Quiet Belief in Angels)

‘Beyond Excellent! Stands beside Alice in Wonderland.’ The American Chronicle

‘Extraordinary, delightful, enthralling….a remarkable book!’: The Mid-West Book Review

‘A touching and enthralling tale, full of self-discovery with important morals and values hidden throughout.’: Mandy de Jager, Australian Review

‘A Masterwork surfaces’: The San Francisco Times

Brief bio of Carrie King:
Writer, Carrie King’s Idyllic Life came to an abrupt end in April 2000, when her husband and childhood sweetheart was killed in a horrific accident at work. Carrie says, “When my husband died, I died too……I didn’t know how to breathe without him.”
She felt she would never write another creative word or paint another creative stroke again.
Gradually, encouraged by the help and support of her family, friends and the NHS (Carrie had three years intensive Therapy with Psychologist, Nadine Field and her Doctor, Melanie Munro), she decided to try and resume her work on her Children’s Adventure, The Life in the Wood with Joni-Pip, a book she had started writing before her husband’s death.
Sadly however, as hard as she tried, she couldn’t find the solace she needed and she just couldn’t keep her feet still!
From 2003, she started spending time in Paris and La Fouasse, West France and each time, she took out her writing and wrote for a month, stopping again once she returned to her home in Buckinghamshire.
She didn’t think she would ever write again in England. She went on to write in New York, Memphis, Portland (Oregon) and Vancouver but whenever she returned to England, she fell once more into the dark shadows of grief over her beloved husband and could write nothing.
In 2005 she stayed at Sherwood Forest, Center Parcs, where she found the beautiful forest and surrounding areas really comforting and inspiring. At last Carrie resumed her writing of Joni-Pip in England!
It has been a long, hazardous and painful journey and many times Carrie thought that she would never make it but she has and she is so happy that she has triumphed over her tragedy.
Martyn Hopkins
(Media and Marketing Manager)

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  1. Patti, that was a fantastic post. I would love to win that book. The answer is Barton Caves.

    What a wonderful place. The funny thing is, I was born in Lincolnshire in England and came to Australia when I was twelve. I've been to Sherwood Forest as a child, but I lived and near Scorby Woods where my sisters and I used to play.

    A beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.


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