Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Win the latest release from New York Times best-selling author John Locke - BOX

Win a copy of John's latest release.  "BOX"

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Dr. Gideon Box, world-famous surgeon, is extremely good at his job. He’s never lost a patient…but he has issues. He’s antisocial. Doesn’t mix well with others. Breaks into people’s homes and assumes their identities. 

Occasionally kills other doctor’s patients. He’s had bad luck with women his entire life. Big surprise, right? His psychiatrist tells him to join a dating service. Tells him to seek women from small towns.

Says they’ll possess basic core values, be less shallow and self-centered than the hookers and strippers he’s been dating. She tells him to take a week off and visit these women. Tells him to be positive, keep an open mind. 

So Dr. Box joins a dating website, spends two weeks narrowing down the candidates, and eventually settles on three small-town Kentucky women who seem to possess the qualities his psychiatrist recommended, as well as the one quality Dr. Box seeks: excessive horniness. He sets out to meet these women, starting with Faith Hemphill, who lives in Ralston, Kentucky. He flies to Nashville, rents a car, gets within two hours of Ralston…and meets a hot young waitress named Trudy Lake. Then all hell breaks loose.


5.0 out of 5 stars What a ride with Dr. Box!
This review is from: BOX (Kindle Edition)
I have read every book written by John Locke and he is just an amazing author all the way around. This book was so hysterical and the trouble this Dr Box gets into is just unbelievable. In my opinion, to enjoy the total richness of the authors writing you will just want to read everything he has written. Bad Doctor Bad Doctor precedes this book so if you haven't read that be sure to do it too. Then there is the whole Donovan Creed Series Lethal People (A Donovan Creed Novel) . There is also a great Customer Discussion group "Have you discovered John Locke" where you can meet other fans of John Locke. So do yourself a favor. Read all his books and join us in the Customer Discussion group for more fun. You will be glad you did! And happy reading!
About the Author:

New York Times best-selling author John Locke is the international best-selling author of sixteen books in four different genres. 

He is the 8th author in history to have sold one million eBooks on Kindle. Locke has had four books in the top ten at the same time, including #1 and #2. 

His Donovan Creed thriller series has sold more than 1,700,000 copies since January, 2011, and foreign rights have been acquired by six major publishers for Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian, and Lithuanian translations.

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