Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rogue's Honor [Kindle Edition] By Aiden Sawyer

Rogue's Honor is an epic fantasy tale centered in a world populated by Men, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs... and the occasional Demon. It is a story rich with conflict, robust characters, mystery, and magic. In standard print form, it is roughly 460 pages in length.


Tellion Steele, a peasant Elf by birth, was typically naïve and optimistic in his formative years and, without regard to the disparity between their stations, surrendered his young heart impulsively and completely to Lynless Allystriel, the Elven princess of Celestar. Yet, Tellion was anything but a typical Elf. Even in his youth he had faced demons, and he held secrets. . . secrets that eventually landed him in trouble with the Elven aristocracy.

Banished from his homeland, the only honor Tellion Steele came to know was that of the sword and the shadows. Bereft of family and forsaken by Lynless, the outcast Elf learned to make his way in life as a thief and a mercenary. Now, the world is seized by the machinations of conspiracy and war, and the Elven princess is somehow caught up in the workings.

Against his better judgment, Tellion finds he must return to the land of his exile to protect the beautiful princess from the forces of evil that threaten her. But when a conflicted Lynless refuses his aid, Tellion is forced to play a dangerous game fraught with peril and intrigue as he walks the fine line between honor and treachery, deceiving both friend and foe alike to pull off the gambit of his life – to liberate the unwilling princess from the fortress of the Elf-king.

About The Author:

Aiden Sawyer currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and son where he works in marketing for the world's premier sports & fitness brand. He was born and raised in the high desert region of Southern California. After a brief stint in the Navy (where Rogue's Honor was born), he returned to Southern California to attend CSU San Bernardino until transfering to the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL where he was a dual major in Communications (Film Production) and English (Creative Writing). After college, Aiden followed work to coastal New England, where the lion's share of Rogue's Honor was written, before again following work to the Pacific NW where he met his soul-mate and promptly married her.

Aiden is currently working on Honor's Toll, his follow up to Rogue's Honor, and hopes to have the principle writing complete by the end of summer 2011.

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