Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Post :) By Katie Shelby

Hey Everyone This Is Katie, This is my first post. Hmm what should it be about??? 

I just want to say there are so many  awesome authors out there that am so happy to be friends with and i know there are other authors out there I don't know but I would love to get to know u and to be friends. 

There Are So many Awesome books out there by awesome authors, It is hard to keep up I try to keep up though, and sometimes it feels like my brain is going 

When Patti asked me to be on her blog I said sure, because she is awesome and I just love her books.  What I will be posting? Will you all will have to come see and I will let you all know to when am about to post something. Patti said I can post anything  that i like and whenever she is super awesome. 

If you want to know more about me just ask me and i will answer back thanks:)

Posting Some Awesome Books You all need to check out by Awesome Authors:)

1. Paradox - The Angels Are Here (Awesome Book to check out .99)

2. Paradox - Progeny Of Innocence (Second Book and it's FREE)-

3. Ever Shade (FREE and it's Awesome)-

4. Ember (This book is 4.99 but still it's an awesome book to read)-

5. Dazzle (.99 cent check it out it's awesome)-

6. Shatter ( LOOK The Second book is .99 cent too)-

Okay Guys That is all for now, I will have the second post sometime later this week Hope you all enjoy this post. THANK YOU PATTI FOR EVERYTHING, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS POST:) 

The Witchwood Series on Amazon

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