Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good Morning Everyone - A Blog Post by Katie Shelby

Good Morning Everyone, I haven't post on here in a while. What has everyone been reading? I've been Reading Finding Olivia by Micalea Smelter which there an awesome series.

I am getting ready to read  WitchWood Estate - Timeless, book 4 in the series by the awesome Patti Roberts. 

Book 4, Timeless: on Amazon

Seventeen-year-old Alexandria Harvey-Santorini has returned home to claim her birthright, Witchwood Estate. But her journey has only just begun, and Alexandria soon realizes there is far more going on in Ferntree Falls than she remembers. With the constant threat of black magic and an evil clan of witches intent on stealing her power, Alexandria must remain vigilant, even when it comes to falling in love. Suspense, love, mystery and mayhem are only a hint of the magic you'll find in "Timeless", the 4th book in the Witchwood Estate series.

Book 1 in the series, Going Home, is currently FREE.

Has anyone watch the tv show Once Upon a Time? 
If  not the show is so awesome.  A New Season has come on now, it's really good.  If you have seen it what do you think
about the show. 
When I watch the first episode of the new season I was in shock and there's a new character in the show. Here is the first episode  (New York City Senrenade)  

Everyone returns to the Enchanted Forest, except for Emma and Henry who now live in New York and remember nothing of their time spent in Storybrooke. Hook will try to get Emma to remember who she and Henry really are. In the Enchanted Forest, Snow, Regina and Charming face a big threat.

For more Episode's - here is the link

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