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Ella Medler talks, Patti Roberts and the Paradox Series.

You know that feeling you get when you pick up a book and you’re sucked right in? The tunnel-vision, the-world-no-longer-exists-and-nothing-else-matters one? That’s how I felt when I first read The Angels Are Here, book one in the Paradox Series.

I’d downloaded First 5 Chapters, a book which showcases the works of six new authors – the first five chapters from each novel, as the title suggests. I chose three of the samples, and The Angels Are Here was first on my list.

As soon as I read the beginning, I wanted the whole thing.
And as soon as I read book one, I wanted to know when the second in the series would be released.
I was so impressed with the quality of the writing and the author’s distinctive, storytelling voice, that I needed to post a review. Patti sent a message back, thanking me for taking the time to read and write a review. She said she loved the way I described my reading experience and suggested I should consider a writing career. Ha-ha. I thought she had a great sense of humor.

From there, a friendship blossomed. I love connecting with my fans, so to have discovered another author happy to discuss in detail her future plans and expectations of the series she was writing was a wonderful feeling. The more I asked, the more it became obvious exactly how invested Patti was in her creations.
Soon, I realized I was, too. Feeling a little selfish, I encouraged Patti to write more than the second and maybe third book. I wanted more. I needed to keep getting my fix. Something inside me clicked with her style of writing – the smoothness, the elegance maybe – and I craved more.

I found myself watching Patti like a hawk, so I can grab the next bit of her writing right away. She didn’t disappoint. And between books? I kept going back to the one place where I found peace:

A visit to the Paradox site is absolutely essential. I recommend it. If you truly are a fan of the Paradox world, as I am certain you will become, you will want to know more about the people inhabiting this fantasy realm, their ways of life, their hopes, beliefs and expectations, and of the background intrigue which set the Paradox match on fire.

You can start with this book or go right back to the beginning. For me, it works whichever way, and I’ll admit to reading the books more than once, for sheer pleasure. Whatever you choose, be ready to be enchanted. Happy Reading!

ARC Review by: Ella Medler on Dec. 13, 2013 : star star star star star 
The Paradox saga continues with an impressive twist in the tale. Dark forces are at play and there’s no respite for the guardians and protectors. Grace takes a few more steps towards learning about her legacy, but her impetuousness lands her in the path of danger yet again.

I have been watching out for new releases in this series and I can honestly say this is the best episode so far. Absolutely love the world in which the action takes place, the richness and diversity of characters, the beautiful descriptions and the depth of emotion. Not for the first time, I found myself moved to tears reading scenes written by this amazing author.

I can see how easy it would be to transfer these books into a YA serial for television, and I’m not ashamed to say I would watch it, too, though I’m far out of the age range. Marvel’s Superheroes comes to mind, only on a much wider background, and with a breadth of characters far easier to stage-manage and adjust. The possibilities are endless – so much potential for entertainment! And with a classic battle between good and evil – some overt, some discreet or merely hinted at – this is a winning format that simply can’t go wrong.

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