Tuesday, December 10, 2013

J.M. Herriott releases 2nd book - The Immigrant

The Immigrant

When Jose is fifteen he watches the cartel leader massacre his family, then they slash his throat and left him for dead. 
The leader continued searching for him and two years after Jose escapes across the U.S. border, where he starts his own American family. 

Years later, he is deported and once more encounters the cartel. 
He achieves freedom from the cartel again with the help of ghosts from his past. 

After his rescue, he returns legally to the U.S. and another unexpected source became critical in assisting to fight the first U.S. based Mexican cartel. 

He ascertains that the cartel has infiltrated deep and wide. 
He no longer knows who he can trust, but he realizes he must discover who runs the cartel and why the cartel leader has pursued him for most of his life.
Jose understood from his experiences that he and his family will never be safe until the cartel leader was behind bars or dead.

A white supremacist agitator and his followers decide to violently remedy an old imaginary wrong. 
This action sets events into motion. 
Jose discovers the identity of the leader of the first Mexican cartel based in the U.S., and learns why the cartel has tried to kill him for over thirteen years.

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Nightmares of Reality

Many journalists secretly aspire to write a non-fiction Best Seller and Peter Bryant too dreamed of writing the next, “In Cold Blood”. He investigates the mysterious murders of William and Cindy Wise in the town of his Alma Mater. He quickly discovers the tragic consequences for multi-generational child abuse, substance abuse, dysfunctional families and untreated mental illness. Soon, ghosts from his past return and he is shocked to find he has intimate ties to the victims. 

The outlook for a quick and straightforward wrap-up, are dashed when he unearths bizarre and powerful influences, which result in far reaching ways to include suicide, and still influencing two communities. Further complications arise after Peter unexpectedly falls in love with a key witness. Not only does this impede his research but he must confront his own personal relationship demons. He feels trapped by the case beyond completion of his book. Nagging questions remain long after it becomes a Best Seller. For months afterward, he continues reviewing his tapes and stacks of notes. At last, he begins understanding why the case has remained open for over a year. Still, he believes the answer exists, if he could just find it. Then as he is about to finally concede defeat he receives a letter.

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JM Herriott

J.M. Herriott (1955-Present) was born in Michigan City, IN. After retiring from the United States Air Force he was a Private Practice Mental Health Counselor and Education researcher. In 2000 he returned to the classroom and taught High School Mathematics, Science, and Psychology until 2004 when he retired. He has developed and delivered several educational and self-help seminars and workshops. His doctoral research demonstrated Accelerated Learning & Teaching methods he developed, reduced GED preparation time from over 100 classroom hours to less than 36 classroom hours. His fiction works include: "Nightmares of Reality", and "The Immigrant" scheduled for release Summer 2013. He and his wife make their home in NE Arkansas, they have three daughters, three grandsons, a granddaughter, and one great-grandson.

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