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"The Big Wide Calm". By Rich Marcello. A Young Woman's Journey of Love, Trust and Rock 'n' Roll

Novel Follows a Young Woman's Journey of Love, Trust and Rock 'n' Roll

Rich Marcello brings readers another powerful novel that examines the complexities of love. "The Big Wide Calm" is Marcello's second novel and is a new release from Langdon Street Press.

Boston (PRWEB) July 15, 2014
Paige Plant is destined to be a rock star, to save the world, to inspire revolutions with her songs, and that is exactly what she sets out to do in "The Big Wide Calm." Rich Marcello’s new novel follows Paige on her quest to create the perfect album–12 songs that will make her galactically famous and, during their creation, take her to places she never imagined possible.

Paige has talent, ambition and mega-musical skills. All she needs is a big break. Enter John Bustin, a mysterious former singer/songwriter who offers Paige one year of free room and board at his recording studio so she can make her album. John believes in Paige’s potential but not her current batch of songs. Before writing new ones, Paige must tap into the place underneath emotion that is the source of all transcendent, multigenerational art; she must tap into The Big Wide Calm. With John’s help, Paige hones her songwriting skills, both technically and emotionally, and with Paige’s help, John confronts the dark secrets of his past, secrets that rock the foundation of their relationship.

"The Big Wide Calm" is at its core a story of trust and the complexities of love through the eyes of the young and old. The novel is the second of three Rich Marcello is writing about different kinds of love, and it explores an emotional connection rarely seen between male and female characters. Praised for his captivating writing and understanding of love, honesty and relationships in The Color of Home, author Rich Marcello brings equally compelling prose and understanding to "The Big Wide Calm." Marcello gives Paige such a distinct voice that readers will connect with her from the very first page.


About the Author 
Rich Marcello grew up in New Jersey surrounded by song and word. He wrote and recorded his first original songs for his college folk group at the University of Notre Dame. Marcello eventually ended up in a career in high technology, managing several multi-billion dollar businesses for Fortune 500 companies. However, he never stopped creating art. He is now pursuing his love of poetry, song and fiction with the same enthusiasm and discipline he demonstrated in the business world. "The Big Wide Calm" is Marcello’s second novel. His debut novel, "The Color of Home," was released in December 2013.

"The Big Wide Calm" is available everywhere books are sold.

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