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Interview With the Author of The Choice - Lorhainne Eckhart #ficstory

Hi Lorhainne, Where were you born and where do you call home?

Born in Calgary, Alberta, but home is Vancouver Island

What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 30 or less words, what would you say?

The Choice is a romantic mystical suspense that sizzles with passion and unforgettable drama. What would you do for someone you love?

If you gave some of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?

Here, is a great line from Sam:

“Great, that’s just great. How long’s it going to take us to get back? We just wasted over an hour to get here, when we could have formulated a concrete plan to establish some solid, credible evidence against Dan and his connection to Lance Silver.” Sam smacked the back of his hand into the palm of his other hand, then jabbed his finger at Marcie. “This voodoo bullshit I got all the time with Mama, and I’m done with it. Listen up Marcie, a dead guy comes to you in your dreams, telling you to go back to your teacher, and you listen?” Sam walked away, down the dirt hill, back to the dock. He must have realized no one followed, when he stopped halfway down. Marcie continued to the truck. She pulled open the back door, the same time as Diane and Maggie on the other side of her clunky SUV.

Do you have plans for a new book?   Is this book part of a series?

My next novel, The Forgotten Child, a contemporary romance is scheduled to be released October 26, 2011

I have three books outlined for the Walk the Right Road Series. The Choice is the first, Lost and Found is the Second, which will be available before Christmas.

What or who inspired you to write?  And how long have you been writing?

I always loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder – Little House on the Prairie Series. Writing a book was an idea I’d had since I was young, just never did it. It wasn’t until after my daughter was born, at about the busiest time in my life that I decided to start writing. Seven years ago, I sat down to write my first novel, The Captain’s Lady, which was published in 2009.

How did you come up with the title and cover design?

This novel was originally titled, Walk the Right Road. This is a complex plot, which could not be written in one book. The obstacles these characters face and must overcome--the title Walk the Right Road fit the series. The Choice, which is the title of this novel depicts moral choices my heroine has to make, right and wrong, to continue down the path of destruction or walk the right road.

I hired a fabulous cover designer, Delilah K. Stephans. She’s quite gifted and was able to depict the essence of this story. When she sent me the proof, I have to say I was blown away.

Have you based any of your characters on someone you know, or real events in your own life?

The characters are based on no one I know. This is a work of fiction. All of my stories may come from an idea, a news event or a community problem. But when I sit down to write a story, the characters take on a life of their own, the story takes unfolds. Characters take on their own identity. I have a picture in my head of what they look like, sound like, but resembles no one I know.

What books have most influenced your writing most and why?

Stephen King – About Writing, helped me get started. Lucia St. Clair Robson and Ride the Wind, this novel and this author has the ability to tap into deep emotion, I’ve not read before. And Suzanne Brockmann, I love the deep POV she writes, and I just love her troubleshooter series.

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet?

James Patterson, the man’s brilliant.

Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?

Paperbacks will always be my favorite. There’s nothing like holding an actual book in your hand, and turning the page. I prefer paperbacks over hardcover because of size.

Where do you prefer to buy your books?

Well, I do love bookstores. But I tend to buy my books online.

Are you a self published (Indie) Author?

My second novel, The Choice, is self published. My first is with a publisher.

Have you ever read a book more than once?

Oh, yes I sure have. There’re a few books that are so well written, and have such deep emotional impact I’ve read them more than once. Lucia St. Clair Robson, and her novel, Ride the Wind, I read four times.

Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version?

Every film adaptation I’ve seen has not lived up to the book version.

What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?

About to start Niamh Clune’s – Orange Petals in a Storm

What book do you know that you will never read?

There have been a few New York Times Bestselling authors, where I’ve picked up their book and couldn’t finish it. The Story didn’t draw me in. But honestly, there isn’t a book I won’t attempt to read.

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest and why?

There is entire group of amazing talented authors over at Orangeberry Book Collective. And I plan to read all of their novels, go to this link to check out these amazing authors!

Is there anything you would change in your last book and why?

No, I love this story. It is the first in a series tackling some tough issues. One I feel needs to be told.

Who designed the cover of your book?

Delilah K. Stephans, and she is really good.

Do you have a book trailer?

The Book trailer was just completed.

What are your thoughts on book trailers?

I love them, as long as they’re short. Because a well done book trailer gives a great snapshot of a book. 

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Yes. Don’t give up. No matter what anyone says, keep writing. Be persistent. Join online writing groups, author communities and support other authors.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given when it comes to writing?

If your approach isn’t working then you need to take a step back and come at it from different angle.

Do you write under a pen name?

Yes, My authors name is Lorhainne Eckhart

Do you ever write in your PJ’s?

All the time. Since I start writing as early as four a.m.

What are your pet peeves?

Cats or dogs?

Big Dogs. I love them. No little dogs for me.

White wine or red?

Red definately. Especially a Pinot Noir.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, strong and dark, and must be organic. Anyone who knows me can vouch for that.

Favorite food?


Vanilla or chocolate icecream?


What do you normally eat for breakfast?

I love eggs.

What are 4 things you never leave home without?

My cell phone, glasses, keys, and my common sense.

Laptop or desktop for writing?


Where and when do you prefer to do your writing?

I’m a morning person, so as soon as the sun comes up, I’m outside with my laptop in a lawnchair surrounded in trees.

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?

James Patterson, George Clooney, and Clint Eastwood.

One of your favorite quotes –  From Maya Angelo

what she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it...

a feeling of control over her destiny...
how to fall in love without losing herself..

enough money within her control to move out
and rent a place of her own,
even if she never wants to or needs to...
something perfect to wear if the employer,
or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...

a youth she's content to leave behind....
a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to
retelling it in her old age....
a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
one friend who always makes her laugh... and one who lets her cry...

List 3 of your all time favorite books?

Ride the Wind – Lucia St. Clair Robson
Gone to Far – Suzanne Brockmann
The Quinn Brothers – Nora Roberts

List 3 of your all time favorite movies?

Million Dollar Baby
Gone with the Wind

An actor you have a crush on –

I don’t have crushes on Actors, but Clint Eastwood, I like him.

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?

The Good Wife

Where can your readers stalk you?

My facebook page:
My Goodreads author page:

Is your book in Print, ebook or both?  Both

Teresa Petrovics rated it - 5 Stars*****
I found this book to be a very interesting read. A bit of magic and romance as well as suspense thrown in. For people who are in to one, two or all three of these things, I would recommend this book. This is the first book I have read by Lorhainne Eckhart and I am hoping to read some more of hers.

Review by: tammy ramey on July 22, 2011  ****
this was a truly wonderful book. the characters were intriguing and full of depth and vitallity. it was very easy to become emotionally connected to each of the characters and to empathize with them and what they were going through. the plot was also complex and stimulating and was not one of those that you could solve in the first 5 minutes but it left you guessing until the end as to who did what. a truely great story by a gifted writer. if this is the type of book that you enjoy then this is the book for you

Product Description

From Lorhainne Eckhart, Author of The Captain's Lady, comes a Romantic Mystical
Suspense that sizzles with passion and unforgettable drama.
"A wonderful tale of courage, and real-life choices that'll keep you riveted." Mimi Barbour, Author of The Vicarage Bench Series

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