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The Hunger Games: Movie vs. Book - Review by Guest Blogger Carolyn Hockley

As an adult and a writer who is submerged in the YA world of books, I found myself counting down the months, then weeks, and finally days until The Hunger Games movie. 

We had pre-ordered tickets and stood in line for over an hour to get good seats – ‘we’ being my BF and my two children (who, by the way, had also read the books). Watching the young girls walk into the theatre with their long, dark hair braided to the side – their copies of the book clutched tightly in their hands, I felt a kinship with them – I felt part of a club, so to speak. Never before have I gone to such lengths to see a movie. I wasn’t disappointed.

The movie (nearly 2.5 hours in length) stayed true to Suzanne’s brilliant storyline. Knowing and loving the main characters so much, I had my first ‘cry’ when Katniss Everdeen volunteered to take her younger sister’s place at the ‘Reaping’. After that, my eyes and mind were glued to the screen as I watched the book unfold in front of me. The cast of characters were brilliant. I have not one complaint of the choices there. The crazy colourful hair and clothing worn by those living in The Capitol truly brought home the reality of the distinction between the ‘rich and the poor’. The cinematography was excellent.

The ‘Tribute’ deaths were quick and often a bit out of focus – which was fine by me since my 11 year old daughter was sitting in the theatre next to me. My second ‘cry’ was during **spoiler here** the most poignant, gripping scene in the entire book – Rue’s death. The sequence of events here was a bit different but well done. ‘Katniss’ laying the fresh flowers over Rue’s body was both touching and heartbreaking – well done.

After reading Suzanne’s 3-book series, my one suggestion or preference for the movie would have been an inner dialogue from Katniss’s point of view. There were many times during the movie when her thoughts of what was happening would have made the movie even better. Would I pre-order tickets and stand in line again for a second movie? Absolutely! I give The Hunger Games movie ***** stars.

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  1. Take away the hullabaloo surrounding the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling young adult book and what you have is an absorbing film with a dire premise that stands pretty much on its own. Lawrence is also the stand-out here as Katniss and makes her seem like a real person rather than just another book character brought to life on film. Good review Carolyn. Check out my review when you can.


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