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Guest post with Ella Medler - REVIEW: Grey Death, by Author Ronald Dahle

Grey Death is a conspiracy/political thriller. The Deacon, a retired Green Beret, organizes a quiet defence network for his country. Recognition for his actions is not high on his list, which is just as well, as the current political trend is ploughing forward aimlessly into the future, eyes closed, and brandishing a white flag, hoping for the best.

Ronald Dahle has hit a nerve with this book, a sequel of Churning Cauldron, and I can’t imagine it will be long before it will become a ‘must read’ for every young American. I dare say the patriotism and ideals depicted here transcend silly, insubstantial obstacles, such as boundaries between countries, for example. This should be a ‘must read’ for the world.

Back to the story. The Deacon’s band of Geriatric Warriors is doing a good job at defending the country from threats which are overlooked or unnoticed by its already overstretched security agencies. The camaraderie between these men has been tried and tested on battlefields already. This time, the enemy is not as easy to identify, but the Warriors are slick, calm and able to scramble a lot quicker than centralised military forces ever could be.

With determination, a good dose of luck and complete trust in each other, these seemingly harmless mavericks punish wrongdoers and prevent events that, potentially, could have disastrous consequences for the people of America and its freedom. It’s clear for all to see, ‘baddies’ come in all forms and sizes, some foreign and some home-grown, but no one escapes without getting what they deserve. When it comes to defending their motherland, there no sacrifice big enough, nothing they won’t do.

Very well written action sequences, with clear inside knowledge, pepper almost every page of this novel. There are few respites, and even those are fun to read as the Deacon takes us along in his thoughts – his dismay at realizing he is falling for Mary Jane, despite fooling himself into a false sense of security induced by his long-term celibate status, is delightfully weaved through.

Ronald Dahle’s voice is clear and clipped, no-nonsense, the voice of a soldier. You won’t find any flourishes and fancy twists of phrase here. Each character is well developed. They have individual voices, likes and dislikes and their own history. For ease of reference, the author introduces everyone right at the very beginning, and, while I was tempted to go back once or twice, to check on details, I just couldn’t tear myself from the story for long enough to do that.

At the point of writing this review I haven’t read the first book in the series yet, Churning Cauldron, but I certainly will before book three, Grey Dawn, is out, later this year.

I recommend this book to every patriot, no matter what race, citizenship or religion. A great idea and a brilliant read, it gets 5 stars from me. Ella Medler - Author/Editor

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