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DREAM - A book by Robbi Sommers Bryant - Best Of Genre, 1st Runner up, in the Los Angeles Book Festival.

A book by Robbi Sommers Bryant 

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Veronica Armatti, a hairdresser and infatuation addict, has managed to strike the perfect balance between her daily existence and her overpowering desires. Veronica's husband, Joe, tolerates her addiction as long as he doesn't know the details. Veronica decides to get her latest fix with Andrew, an artist she meets at a grocery store. Andrew inducts Veronica into a mysterious and hypnotic dream world, where the powerful Devan entices her into his tribe of shape shifters, and where dreams and reality mingle in a deadly, intricate dance of survival.

From the Author

As dark as The Beautiful Evil was, Dream opens as a dance in the light. A dark element watches from the trees in Dream offering the reader different  kinds of thrills and excitement. Journey into the lush Dreamworld and splash in the lake and dance in the flowered fields. All is bright and enchanting until bees darken the sky and and the wolves come out to hunt. A fantasy, suspense with a bit of romance, all come together in this book to offer my audience a read that will hook them from the start and won't let up until the surprising end.
About the Author

Bestselling author Robbi Sommers Bryant has written 1 novella, 4 novels, five short story collections, and one book of poetry. Her work has been published in magazines both in the United States and internationally. Her fiction and poetry is in several anthologies and books of poetry. 
Robbi's newest book, DREAM, is a novella released October 2012 to rave reviews. It has won Best Of Genre, 1st Runner up, in the Los Angeles Book Festival. Bryant's last novel, THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL won Best Genre Fiction: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, received a Los Angeles Book Festival Honorary Mention, and is a Finalist in the Kindle Book Review Contest
Recently, Robbi was included in The Author's Show "50 GREAT WRITERS YOU SHOULD BE READING," soon to be published.
Robbi practiced dental hygiene for many years, and worked as a licensed esthetician and massage therapist before retiring to write. She is the President of Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers' Club.

Praise for Dream

This author has an uncanny ability to pull you in and transport you to another reality with luscious descriptions and an ingenious plot. I didn't want the book to end. If we're lucky, Ms. Bryant will write a sequel. The conclusion was so unexpected and imaginative, that now I want to know what happens next.

My wife began reading this book aloud to me at night. We read for two nights. We finished reading the rest of the book last night--only because I wanted her to "keep going."

Ms. Bryant's descriptions are unmatched. So wild beyond imagination. Her vivid color, scents and fragrances descriptions and the details of her characters' lovemaking made me feel like I was right there in the scene.

This book would be fabulous on the big screen. Keep up your imagination, Robbi. We want more!


Robbi Sommers Bryant's Dream was an eye opener for me. From its melodic starting to its hooded up suspense makes me craving to read more from Ms Bryant. The way the author mingles up the suspense and the fantasy world makes me halt and think again and again.I am impressed by the writing style which the author adapts. It's a bang on!


Absolutely fascinating. I read this book in a single sitting. It draws you into a colorful world where all your senses are heightened. It has an addictive quality and you find yourself wanting to visit this dream world where friends and enemies are not what they seem.

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