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A new collection of Short Stories by David Bishop - Top 100 Amazon mystery writer.             

Love & Other Four-Letter Words: a Maybe Murder

A Collection of 7 Short Stories

Love & Other Four-letter Words: a Maybe murder is a fun and fascinating story that will leave you wondering just who killed who, or if the death was an accident—or then again, a perfect murder dressed up to appear as an accident. It’s a fun story.

A Day in the Life of a Novelist is a look at the austere and lonely life of an author made colorful with a wee bit of hyperbole.

Randolph Allen Barrington III is the hypothetical jerk who lives next door and how a normal, well, somewhat normal, neighbor deals with Randolph Allen Barrington III. This is mostly a story of humor told on the periphery of a murder.

Macee’s Place is an unusual story in that it is one of a place as much as of a person. Macee is a modern woman, jazz lover and saxophonist, who owns and operates a local upscale tavern—a home away from home for its regulars. The same tavern as had been owned and operated by her mother and grandmother, as arranged by her grandmamma who married the building owner many years before in return for, shall we say, an unusual business arrangement.

Little Girl Lost is the story of a small girl, kidnapped but not held for ransom. She is not physically or sexually assaulted or abused, simply held against her will, alone, with a challenge put before her to survive. 


The Bijou, The Movie House of Our Youth: A memory-evoking story about a troubled young lady who takes a drive into the neighborhood where she was raised, and ends up outside the movie house of her youth, now boarded up and in disrepair. She wanders inside, takes her favorite seat and experiences the recollections of days and events gone by. I crafted this one to allow the reader to recall their experiences in their own hometown movie house. All this is nicely tied together by the troubles this lady is experiencing in her own life and her own selection of men. 

The Taking of #38: This is the story of a man who never believed that any woman could wrap him around her finger and walk him wherever she wanted him to go. Then he meets Mary and his life gets turned upside down.

I trust you will enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. Please drop me an email after your read and share your thoughts.
So, you say, WHAT’S NEXT?

    In early 2014 I will be releasing Matt Kile Mystery #4. The working title is "Find My Little Sister a Matt Kile Mystery". This Kile story will be different than the first three Matt Kile Mysteries in that it will take place in the late 1930s, set in greater Los Angeles, California.

     Ah, you ask? But how will you Matt Kile back eighty years in time? All I can tell you is this is not a science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal story. I know. I know. I asked myself the same things until I figured out how to do it. I realize it’s cruel to say wait until early 2014, but please do. It is an interesting historical novel chock full of the crime of that era, romance, and the inner working of Los Angeles, a city known as Sin City before Las Vegas got the title.

     Beyond that Kile story, I have plans for another Maddie Richards Mystery, and a fifth Matt Kile Mystery. I continue to look for an excellent story to again feature Linda Darby, from my novel, The Woman. I’m working on some rough ideas for I know you all want to read more of Linda, so do I.

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Final Thoughts

Thank you for your continuing interest in my fiction writing. I appreciate you. Stay in touch.   ~ David

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