Monday, September 22, 2014

Jadin by Laurel Crown - a young entity condemned to the helplessness of doing nothing.

JADIN – 1st Paragraph of Chapter One- Witness The Impossible.

The stare from behind the big oak lasted for what seemed days. Many escape attempts had come and gone before Jade realized she was trapped for the duration. All entities on Lazrith know the great consequences dealt for interrupting the process of a de-glowing. Being a young entity, the goal of trying to occupy her mind to avoid the screams of the mighty genmate proves painful. Thoughts center around the many stories she has listened to the wisemen tell about horrible curses bestowed on entities who have disrupted or interfered with de-glowings in the past. A focus of hope conveys that this will be the needed strength against trying to end this one. Several times in the past, innocent passers who have seen a de-glowing begin also suffered a loss of their own. The pity felt for the genmate in pain destroyed their self-control, forcing their instincts to mandate help. Most found their succor resulting in their own beheading by the Gen, but it has been said that some were punished by being left alive without a limb, eyesight or hearing. Wisemen never state exact occurrences, and it is not certain the tales are true. The recollection of the stories and uncertainty of the tales’ worth prove effective enough. Though a potent guilt presses her mind, Jade closes her frightened green eyes tightly to focus on the trembling stutters of her Wiseman, Sasstone, as he spoke of the legends. His story telling tactics prove effective with young entities. The wisemen have seen the punishments being administered. They deeply fear them, yet strongly and obediently agree with them. Now faced with the agony of listening and watching alone, Jade confronts irreparable odds as a young entity condemned to the helplessness of doing nothing.

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