Thursday, November 6, 2014

New book from Rickard B DeMille, author of the International Amazon Best Seller HELLFIRE.

Not all criminals are brought to justice.
Sometimes Justice must be brought to them.                                  

**** 4 Stars - If you're into mysteries, then this is a great one...I really liked this book! (Reading Is A Way of Life Reviews)

The first victim preyed on young girls. Justice visited and he fell prey to African Painted Dogs in a Texas Wildlife Park.
The last victim killed her baby with heroin. Justice administered that same fate to her.

Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed with this book. (Ella Marie, reviewer and editor)

The other victims suffered equally fitting and brutal deaths. For rookie FBI Agent Dawn Johnson, her first case finds her in a "hate triangle" between a boss that wants her gone, a bigoted Texas Sheriff that doesn't want her at all, and a serial killer that taunts police, 140 characters at a time.

I enjoyed this story very much...the characters are well developed and believable, the plot moves smoothly. (Tina Marie, award winning reviewer)

Rickard B DeMille, author of the International Amazon Best Seller HELLFIRE, brings us a new hero named Dawn Johnson, and a new villain called Justice. They engage in a brutal ballet of vengeance and death until . . .

Dawn joined the FBI for the wrong reasons, and her boss wants her transferred out. Rural county Sheriff Bubba Scates doesn't want anyone messin' with his investigation, especially a female, African-American, over-educated, caustic, iindependentFBI Agent. Dawn wants to get back to her private agenda, but no one gets what they want. Except Justice, who continues to execute people he feels have escaped justice from the courts. Justice gets his retribution, and uses social media to publicize his vengeance and taunt police.

However, once Justice has claimed his final victim, things really get interesting. Nothing is as it seems, and no one is certain to survive, as the manhunt concludes and the truth is finally revealed.

**** 4 Stars - Suspenseful...Chilling...Captivating...Just a darn interesting story. (Liebster Award winning TMS Reviews)

A new novel by International Amazon Best Seller Rickard B DeMille

***** 5 Stars - I love mysteries that are well-written, thought-provoking, and offer sympathetic characters, (Mommasez Reviews)




Rickard B DeMille is a member of ITW, the International Thriller Writers Association. He is also a Co-Organizer of the Frisco Writers Group, and a member of the North Dallas Screenwriters.
After serving in the Marines Corps as a commissioned officer, author Rick DeMille started a career in information systems and currently manages the technology department for a small energy company in the Dallas area.
His interest in writing was revived when he wrote a Y2K, guide which was distributed over the Internet by an outdoor supply company. He next began writing short stories, several of which were published online by websites such as His short stories won various contests, including those sponsored by 'Darklines,' 'Eros and Rust,' and Magellan Books from Australia who also included one of his short stories in the ADUMBRA anthology.
He self-published OF SINNERS AND LIBERALS, a humourous look at how liberalism would have changed history. He has also published his Masters' Thesis, BIBLE STUDY: DEFENDING DANIEL. A reexamination of historical, linguistinc, and antropological facts relating to the Book of Daniel from the Bible.

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