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"Teresa's War", by Margaret J Carr

"Teresa's War" is a wonderful mix of pieces of history, memories, action scenes, bravery and emotional happenings

                Choose to change the types of books you usually read and try this one. It is probably the kind of book you never had a chance to encounter. A wonderful mix of pieces of history, memories, action scenes, bravery and emotional happenings, all written in an excellent style and elegance. A story that will manage to captivate your curiosity right from the beginning. Just read the Introduction and you will know what I mean.
                The book starts softly, with the presentation of an old woman, marked by her life’s long years, illness and cold weather. But still, in spite of the fact that old age is leaving imprints over her body, the old lady has a strong spirit and good will. She is characterized as being an altruist person, who willingly helps her shallow and almost wealthy neighbor, just because her friend made her of use and wanted. Marked by years of loneliness, the old lady seems to appreciate the company of her next door neighbor, so she will accept to aid her in different choruses. Of course, the author will let you know her name. The old lady’s name is Teresa, which automatically will lead your thoughts to the title of the book. You already guess the old lady is the central character in the book.
                But this book has a story based on the brave deeds, during the World War II, of a young girl living in Tyrol, the Austrian region taken over by Nazis at that time. Then, how did such a brave person ended up a lonely and helpless old lady? The story is told from the point of view of the main character, like the old woman remembers aspects of her former life. Take each step with her in the book and found out how she managed to help a family of Hungarian Jews to escape. Bearing in consideration that Teresa was only seven years old at that time, what she did were pure actions of bravery and concern for the human life. Thus, we have the story of a child hero, who managed to survive and also help others in one of the darkest pages of mankind history.
You can see the love of the author, Margaret J. Carr, for writing and novels, by the care and beautiful details she dressed the book with. The facts in the book are real, but she managed to sew around this historical fact a wonderful story about courage, compassion for people in need and the value of the family. It is a very pleasant book to read, having a cup of hot tea or chocolate on your side because the author is using gentle words and an elegant style. All these will only make the book more enjoyable regardless of the time and date you choose to read it. An excellent book, easy to read, both relaxing and with thrilling scenes, which will make us reflect over the hard times people had during war time. Most staggering is that the main character, Teresa, even if she had moments in life that might have brought down any other strong person; she remained a good hearted person. An incredible life journey that is worth to read.

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About the Author

I wrote my first book, an adventure story, at 12 when recovering from a childhood illness. After leaving school I trained in cosmetics and skin care until becoming the chief perfumery and cosmetic buyer for a department store. As a wife and mother I wrote the odd article or short story for magazines but it wasn’t until the 1980’s I returned to writing fulltime and have now completed over twenty fiction novels, ranging from murder mystery series to a teen fantasy trilogy and historical family saga. One of my titles has been on Waterstones best seller list and another was translated for the Indian market. Ten years ago I was writing scripts for TV soaps and radio, including storylines for the popular soap operas Eastenders and Coronation Street. I have one son and two grandsons and live a quiet, but busy, life in the north west of England.

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