Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas note and new book release from Fred Lichtenberg

Dear Friends,

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season. Like Santa, I’ve been busy putting the final touches on my first non-mystery novel, Retired: Now What? a humorous tale that affects all Baby Boomers in retirement or waiting to retire.

Starting today, Retired will be available in print and as an e-reader. (See press release below.) I’m attempting to reach the 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. I'll settle for less, though.

Can I impose on you to forward my email to friends, family, enemies, any Baby Boomer or any generation you know? Did I say the main character retired from the IRS? It also makes a great holiday gift. Only on Amazon.

I have not forgotten my mystery readers this holiday season. OBSESSED, a short story about a missing woman is now available on Amazon as an e-reader for only $1.99. Such a deal!
Thanks for your help.
Happy Holidays!

Fred Lichtenberg’s Baby Boomer Release of
Retired: Now What?

Heads-up, Baby Boomers! Jupiter resident Fred Lichtenberg, author of Deadly Heat at The Cottages: Sex, Murder, and Mayhem, (2013); Double Trouble (2012); and Hunter’s World (2011), has released Retired: Now What?, a humorous tale that addresses aging issues.

The story follows Floridian Eddie Short from his agonizing decision to retire through his first year of liberation. Eddie downsizes to a smaller house an hour away, annoys his wife with the 24/7 syndrome, grows bored, sinks into depression, recovers with happy pills during therapy, becomes a fast-food chicken mascot, takes up golf, loses friends but makes new ones, and finally finds himself.

Fred’s first non-murder mystery is a compelling and fun read for any of our 76 million Baby Boomers or any generation who wants to the avoid the perils of not formulating a retirement plan.

Retired: Now What? is available on Amazon as a soft cover or e-book. One click away!
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