Monday, January 19, 2015

Warriors of Matrimony: by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

Warriors of Matrimony:

Kalich stood in the middle of a grass field.
“Kalich, watch out!” Annala tackled him to the ground behind a small foot hill.
An explosion rushed forward, smacking up against the hill.
Annala leaned her back up against the rock wall as she looked out at the night battlefield. “That was close.” Annala looked over at Kalich who got up on all fours. “What were you thinking?”
Kalich crawled up beside her, placing his back against the wall. He looked over at her. “I’m not exactly used to this.” Kalich was a handsome, lean, eighteen- year-old merchant with blood-red hair that draped down around his head with green eyes, being from Camgon.
“Honestly, I don’t know why I took this bodyguard job,” Annala said. Annala was a cute eighteen-year-old female warrior with long green hair done up in a ponytail and purple eyes, who originated from Saron.
Kalich smiled, embarrassed as he shut his eyes. “Sorry, Miss Annala.”
“Whatever.” Annala turned to look out on the battlefield. Her eyes narrowed.
Lines curved and shaped around her body. The lines connected, creating a light suit of armor along with a spear in her hand. She looked back at Kalich.

Book reviews: 

Reviewed By Stephen Fisher for Readers' Favorite

Kenneth Fultz does a superb job of developing his characters with different plots, twists, and betrayals while Annala and Kalich are determined to rescue Calidora. The Soren army is being harassed by the red sharks, an underground group of pirates that gets pulled into the plot. The fight and combat scenes are well choreographed with weapons and magical powers on both sides of the conflict. In the heart of it all is the quest of a family to overcome all obstacles in their path to remain together. The Warriors of Matrimony is a gripping adventure that reels you in and doesn't let go.

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite

Warriors of Matrimony is a truly thrilling young adult story with an exciting setting and memorable characters. Kenneth E. Fultz Jr brought the story to life and allowed me to vividly picture the characters and the setting. From the very first chapter, the description of Annala, her weapons and her fighting skills gave me a true picture of what the story was about and I was immediately hooked by her character and the whole story. I could easily imagine the contrast between the two countries; one ruled by men and the other by women, both with military powers so different and yet each with skills so powerful. The description of the fighting scenes was something to look forward to throughout the story and each scene added more reading pleasure.

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