Monday, January 5, 2015

Seven disturbing little tales of terror by Kenya Moss-Dyme

Daymares is a 230 page collection of seven disturbing little tales of terror by Kenya Moss-Dyme. Here is an excerpt from Baby Mine, in which a woman faces the ultimate ‘morning-after’ following a lust-filled night with a brutish former lover.

Book Excerpt

In the room alone, she lay back on the exam table and pulled apart the white gown. She felt along the circumference of her belly and stroked the smooth skin of the growth that was now the size of a small watermelon. She had managed to hide it well beneath her work clothing, committing to wearing mostly oversize smocks and tunics paired with blazers that provided camouflage. But it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep her slacks above her hips since she could no longer fasten or zip them, having instead to use a belt to hold keep them from falling down and tripping her.

She pressed her fingers into the mound, gently at first, and then because she didn’t feel anything, she used even more pressure; she moved the position of her hands and pressed again, just past the point of pain, and she suddenly felt something shift inside. She gasped and cried out, jerking her hands up in the air away from her own body. She held as still as she could, not even breathing, and she felt it again. It moved. It scurried. From one side of her belly to the other.

She slowly returned her hands to her belly and cupped both sides, and after a few seconds, she felt the pressure of a poke from the inside, pushing against the surface of her skin as if it were trying to match her hands, to touch her, to join hands with her through her body. She recoiled in horror as she felt a tiny lump rise in her belly and move beneath her hand, searching and prodding, exploring.

She looked down and saw something poking up, like a thumb poking from the inside; she felt it dragging around on the interior of her body, almost as if it were drawing letters on a chalkboard, signaling her, trying to communicate with her. Panicked, she took her hand and slapped the lump hard, once, twice, until it disappeared beneath her skin, then began poking on the opposite side of her stomach. She reached over and used her fists to punch that lump down as hard as she could, gasping at the impact of being punched in the stomach, even if it were by her own fists.

She heard what sounded like a muffled screech of a cat and the baby inside punched back with the force of an angry punch by a small child - only it really hurt coming from the inside of where her organs resided!
She held her breath, afraid to move for fear of alerting the doctor and nurse and they would think she was a lunatic and have her put on a 72 hour hold.

Jessica swallowed hard as she realized that the doctors were right about one thing. There was something inside of her. It was alive. And she had made it angry.

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