Sunday, January 18, 2015

Destruction of Sweet Creation: by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr.

Destruction of Sweet Creation:

Employees ran from the power plant with high-tech security guards leading the way. 

The wind blew a large blue jacket with a green trim to the side on the slim body it clung to. The jacket was worn by Hiro Inoue, a handsome, eighteen-year-old loner who wasn’t known for spilling his secrets. His blue hair draped down in the front and spiked in the back. He stood atop a large oil container, staring down at the buildings and pumping systems below him.

Hiro grabbed hold of the goggles on top of his head. A smile appeared on his face. He pulled down his goggles over his bluish--green eyes. The area became a shade darker with all objects being scanned and processed into data by the goggles. 

A white ape, twice the size of a man, with purple swirl designs embedded in its fur and four arms climbed up the piping below.

“Target found.” Hiro jumped off of the container.
“Don’t be reckless,” Director Oyaji spoke through the young agent’s headset.

Editorial Reviews

"I absolutely love Destruction of Sweet Creation by Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. It is a truly magical tale. It makes you realize that maybe teens are as old as they think they are. Being a teen myself, it was a very enlightening story. Who would have thought that a story like this could make a teen realize that maybe we are immature punks who need to remember that we are still just kids who don't know everything. I thank the author for sharing this amazing story. Maybe one day it will become the anime movie it was meant to be. If it does become one, I would gladly pay to see it."-Savannah Edelen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers' Favorite

"Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. has created some superb characters, and I especially loved the growth and maturity portrayed in the central characters as we witness their transformation from teenagers to young adults. This story contains elements of anime, fantasy, romance, action, and adventure. Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. maintains a conversational narrative throughout the book which lends a casual, light feel to it. This is definitely one of those feel-good, thoroughly enjoyable books for any age group that one can pick up and read any time and I certainly hope to see a graphic novel version of it."-Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite

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Destruction of Sweet Creation

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