Tuesday, March 17, 2015

"The Best of Balling: March Madness" by Stacie Supple (18+)

I stood in the hallway listening for Brad, my boyfriend to go to the kitchen. The loudness of the boys coupled with the sounds from the television made it difficult, but the darkness of the hallway also allowed me a partial visual of the family room without anyone detecting me.

As soon as Brad was gone, I sashayed into the room and stood in front of the big curved screen Samsung TV without a stitch of clothing.

“Which three of you want to go first?” I asked.

One by one they turned their attention to me until six sets of eyes stared back at me. The only sound in the room now was that of the announcer on the TV.

“Come on. Answer me. Which three of you want me first?” I said. “I've got three holes, and I am going to stand here and block your view of this god damned championship basketball game until I get some satisfaction.” I waved a bottle of anal lube in front of me.

As if they were kids still in high school, two of the guys sheepishly raised their hands.

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