Thursday, June 8, 2017

Crow Lake: Problems at the Lake

Trouble at the lake.
A young park ranger falls for a young lady at Crow Lake; but their romance is interrupted when animals and people start to disappear.
˃˃˃ A Peaceful lake has a big problem.
Quiet Crow Lake is awakened with a big problem. They have to call in a state authority and others to help solve it. But the biggest help comes from a local fisherman.
˃˃˃ There is a love story here, but also a bit of terror.
Young love is great; but not when danger gets in the way.

Author Biography

I spent most of my life traveling throughout the US, some of Mexico, Canada, and Taiwan.
After my travels I decided to take a writing class at a local college along with some writing classes online. "CRYPTIC" is my first novel, "Crow Lake" is my second book and I am working on a third.

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