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Book Review By guest blogger Michael Phoenix: Martin Little, Resurrected - Ella Medler

Ok, this one is kind of difficult for me. Not because it is beyond my skills of reading / reviewing, but there is not one thing I don't like about it. Martin Little completely caught me off guard. I did not want to stop until the end.

From the beginning:
The cover is, somewhat, deceptive. I originally thought the genre would be for children or teens. First thing I was wrong about. It is geared towards teens and adults. The navigation is well planned and formatted. I have an epub version using Adobe Reader.

Ebook setup and formatting: 
The first few pages include Table of Contents with links to every section. Title page, Publisher Information, brief author bio and dedication round out this section. The only thing I wish was included: a link back to the Table Of Contents. Not a major point considering the side navigation bar. Overall, the setup and formatting is excellent.

Chapter 1 jumps right into the action and story. Starting with Martin drinking a cup of hot chocolate. You did hear me right. You start to get a decent feel for Martin and his character in this chapter. We are also introduced to the other, main characters along with a few hints about them. The story does start off innocently with Martin having a mundane life. After finishing chapter 1, I was completely absorbed and wanted more. Chapter 2 is where the fun begins.

I will not do a chapter by by chapter breakdown here. I don't want to spoil anything for you. I will not give about the ending except one: Several things in this book are misleading, but some are not. The story mimics life to a point.

The backstory of the main characters: Martin, Vee, Archie and Gary is revealed throughout the chapters. The relationships between them is also developed and revealed in the same way. If you think you can just scan or skip a chapter or two, don't.

Chapter titles are misleading and deceptive, at times. This is a major point when I read. It keeps the reader off guard and interested. Some examples: chapter 1 - The Horrifying price of chocolate, cubicle six and chow. Ella only titles and not chapter numbers. This could be a plus or minus, depending on your preference. Personally, I don't care either way.

The main characters were well developed throughout the story. The way Martin evolved and learned is very impressive. His self-discovery and progression were not predictable. The supporting characters are well written and developed, especially in the main scenes / settings. Character interaction is a good combination of unpredictability at times.

Ella creates a very interesting and unique concept of Heaven in this book. I love this part the most. The only thing I will reveal here: Combine various elements and you have a new creation. Seriously, even this element, almost everyone can relate to. Her concept of heaven is one main aspect that kept me reading and wanting more. I can not say enough about this aspect of the story and scenes.

this is one of the best books I have ever read. Martin Little, Resurrected is beyond anything I expected. I did not want to stop reading. The characters are believable. The plot has a lot of, unexpected turns. Scenes and visualization is well written and for the mind to see. Character interaction / conflict / development: very easy to believe; especially in the situations they are placed in. The end is unexpected on a high note. If I could give this book higher than 5, I would. Great Job, Ella Medler! Much success with this one.

This is the first book I have reviewed by this author. It will not be the last.

5 stars for Martin Little, Resurrected. (ebook and paperback)
Michael Phoenix, Author of the book - A Dream in the Night.

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