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Author Interview - K. S. Haigwood - Forbidden Touch (Paranormal)

Neverending Suspense June 21, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
Our story concerns Mitch Foley, a homicide detective, and Ciera, a vampire. Mitch is the best detective Decatur, Illinois has to offer, and he has just been assigned what seems to be an impossible case. A series of 17 murders, all the victims chosen randomly, but with one similarity. All had every drop of blood drained from them.

Ciera is a Finder. She tracks down rogue vampires, and brings them to justice. And with the bloodless bodies, these murders have "vampire" written all over them. So Ciera is working the same case as Mitch and his partner, Lazarus, without them knowing she is there.

One of the abilities Ciera has is to make herself invisible. So she moves into Mitch's apartment with him so she will know if he discovers any information on the rogue vampire, Mitch begins to feel her presence around him. He becomes paranoid, thinking he has acquired a ghost, and begins to question his own sanity.

Ciera wants to reveal herself to Mitch, but it is a mortal sin for a vampire to expose their kind to a human. If she does her Family, who controls the vampires, will condemn her to death. She decides it is worth the risk when Mitch is framed for the murders. She shows herself to him and she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She explains she is a vampire and so is the murderer.

They are both in grave danger, but the connection between them is too much to ignore. A force stronger than either of them brings a beating heart and one that has been silent for over three centuries together. Ignoring the love they feel for each other is impossible. They have no choice, Mitch and Ciera have to run. Ciera has a death sentence hanging over her head, and the murder count has now been raised to 20. They need to find a powerful witch to protect them, and fast.

They do find a witch who gives them each an enchanted necklace. It changes their appearance so they can't be recognized, making them safe from the police and the Family. Mitch starts to think being a vampire might not be such a bad thing. Vampires live forever, after all. And he wants to spend eternity with Ciera.

Ciera learns through Dane, another vampire who would do anything for her attention and affection, that the killer is Lazarus, Mitch's police partner. What she doesn't know is Lazarus and Dane have framed Mitch, hoping to get him out of the way and leaving Ciera to Dane. And Ciera is falling in love with Dane. So she is in love with two men, and she has to sacrifice one to win the full attentions of the other.

Mitch and Ciera eventually learn what Lazarus' real plan is. He wants to kill the Elders out of revenge, but he is not a powerful enough vampire to accomplish this task on his own. He needs a very powerful vampire. He needs his biological son. He needs Mitch. But the Elders don't trust Mitch, because he is a human. Can Mitch and Ciera kill Lazarus without the backing of the Elders?

This book contains lots of twists and turns. Once you think you have everything figured out, the author throws you a curve and switches things around. As a paranormal romance, this book works. This action packed book is full of romance and suspense, and there is a lot of plotting and scheming going on. Mitch and Ciera have a knack for getting into impossible situations, but somehow always manage to escape them. The pace of the book is fast and crisply written. Highly recommended. 
Format:Kindle Edition
Having read another review of this book, I had an idea what was going to happen. I knew ahead of time that Ciera would fall in love with both Mitch and Dane. I knew that Lazarus, Mitch's partner, was really his father. And I was hoping the twists and turns I had read would be in this book, and they were! Lazarus manipulating the way Mitch got turned into a vampire was a twist I didn't see coming. And Mitch certainly developed some very impressive abilities very quickly. I did not envy the situation Ciera found herself in, having fallen in love with two men, and while I had a feeling things would turn out as they did, I admit I felt sorry for the pain she went through. I love when a book is good enough to make me feel for the characters and what they are going through. Very well done, Kristie!
If you would like a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review, please leave a message in the comments box below. Make sure to include a Twitter, facebook or email address.
Author Interview - K. S. Haigwood - Forbidden Touch

Welcome Kristie, where were you born and where do you call home? I was born in Selma, AL, but I now reside in Arkansas with my family.

Tell us about something that has just happened or is about to happen in your life that you would like to share. I am co-authoring a series of books with Ella Medler.

What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 30 or less words, what would you say? Forbidden Touch - Okay, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear the 30 words part and just tell you my blurb. I'm terrible at summarizing. Ciera has to break the ultimate vampire law to save Mitch, her mortal soulmate, from a terrible fate. Dane, the vampire who would do anything to win her affection, is responsible for Mitch being framed for murder. A fast chain of events is set in motion, which leads to the soulmates being torn apart and Ciera to lose her heart to the one person she has always despised, Dane. She finds herself completely in love with both men. But a rogue vampire puts them all in grave danger. Can she keep them both? Or will she have to accept one lover’s sacrifice, to save the other?

If you gave one of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say? I give my characters a chance to speak for themselves every time I sit down at my computer. Some are charming and witty. Some are aggressive and challenging. Some are rude and obnoxious, but they all have their own voice and say what they want to. Sorry, I think I went over a little.

Do you have plans for a new book? I always have plans for a new book. I have hundreds just waiting for me to set down and type them out. I suppose I could tell you I have 6 different WIP right now. It depends on which character is more aggressive that day which project I choose to work on.

Is this book part of a series? Yes. I haven't started the sequel yet, but Mitch and Ciera are waiting, very impatiently I might add, for me to begin. But then again, all my other characters want their turn, too. I have to be fair.

What books have influenced your writing? There isn't one specific book that influences my writing. They all do, and I find that I write better if I am reading a book during my writing process. It helps keep my mind focused on the fiction world.

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet? I have two Best-selling authors I'd like to meet someday. J.R. Ward, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Nora Roberts. But if you want to know which authors I'd love to meet, who inspire me beyond anything else, then here is the shortest list I can provide: LA Kuehlke, David Slegg, Regan Walsh, Elyse Draper, Brian Bohles, Valerie Haight, Gale Minchew, Maree Ward-Russell, Carlyle Labuschagne, Hope Welsh, Lenore Wolfe, Jessica Bradshaw, Carmen DeSousa, Dawn Torrens, Nicole Hill, of course you, Patti, and last, but certainly not least, Ella Medler. I have no idea what I would do without these wonderful people in my life. They are my Indie family, and I promise I will give each and every one of these great writers a hug before I die. I may have to do a lot of traveling, but I will meet these authors.

Patti Says: Indies make the bestest of families!

Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover? It doesn't matter to me. I'm only interested in the story, not what I'm holding.

Where do you prefer to buy your books? Amazon, Hastings or my local used book store.

Are you a self published (Indie) Author? Yes. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version? Nope. The book is always better. Well, they have been so far.

What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)? Blood is Heavier by Ella Medler. Kindle.

Are there any Authors that have grasped your interest recently and why? Yes. Refer to my answers six questions ago. *laughing*

Who designed the cover of your book? This really incredible cover artist. Her name is Patti Roberts. You should check her out. She's fabulous!

Do you buy a book by the cover? Honestly? Hardly ever. I usually buy a book if I've read that author's books before or if a friend tells me I should check out a book they read. I seldom ever look at the cover.

Do you have a book trailer? In the work right now.

What are your thoughts on book trailers? Every book should have one. It is like the previews to a movie. It lets people know what to expect.

Do you have any advice for other writers? Never give up. You can't reach your dreams if you don't try.

What date were you born? - you can leave off the year if you like. December 5, 1980

Did you have a favorite toy as a child? I was a tomboy, so trees, mud puddles and my bicycle were my favorite toys.

Do you ever write in your PJ’s? As often as I can.

What are your pet peeves? I can't stand to hear anybody smacking food or gum. It really bothers me. And I have a daughter that just can't seem to help it. Lol.

Any pets that you would like to tell us about, share a pic? I have 2. My Blue Heeler's name is Bucket, and my Red Heeler's name is Nyla.

White wine or red? Neither. I drink beer. Michelob Ultra, please.

Coffee or tea? Tea if I have to choose one of those, but I prefer Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke.

So you like to cook? No, but I do because I have to.
Do you have a favorite food? Italian

Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream? Strawberry.

What do you normally eat for breakfast, or do you skip it and get straight to work? Frosted Flakes or Cheerios

What are 4 things you never leave home without (apart from keys, money and phone)? My laptop is the only other thing I have to have wherever I go. My phone is a must. I honestly don't know how I survived before smartphones.

Sleep in or get up early? Is 8:30 early?

Laptop or desktop for writing? Laptop

Where and when do you prefer to do your writing? At home and all the time, although I don't always get my way.

Your thoughts on receiving book reviews - the good and the bad - I imagine it's quite comical to other people when I realize I've received a five star review. I do the "5 star dance." And I've done that dance 29 times since I published Save My Soul March 16th, 3 months ago. The bad reviews don't bother me, especially when I have a lot of good reviews. I'm aware that not everyone will share my interests, and I have a 2 star review to prove it. Truth be known, a few bad reviews mixed in with a bunch of good reviews will actually boost sales. Think about it, I have 29 five star, 6 four star and 1 two star review(s). If it was me looking at a different author with those same ratings, I'd want to read the book just to see what the problem was with the 2 star giver. That's just my opinion. My sales haven't suffered because of it.

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you? Kim Spradlin (2012 Survivor winner) so we can, well, survive. Chris Hemsworth to hunt and keep us safe. And Lars Burmeister for the scenery.

Where is one place in the world that you would really love to visit someday? Ireland

One of your favorite quotes - "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do." -- Confucius

Patti Says: this is one of my favorite quotes... I isn't how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up!

List 3 books you just recently read and would recommend? Blood is Heavier by Ella Medler. Reading it now, but it is so good. Hazy Shade of Winter by Jessica Bradshaw (It's a series. Book 2 is just as good.) Whisper Cape by Regan Walsh. There are hundreds more, but those are the last ones I read that I would recommend.

List 3 of your favorite movies? Secretariat / The Help / The Notebook

An actor or a book character you have a crush on - All of my male characters. I am head over heels for every one of them.

What is a movie or TV show that you watched just recently and really enjoyed? True Blood

If your book was made into a TV series or Movie, what actors would you like to see playing your characters? Mitch (Chris Hemsworth), Dane (Scott Speedman), Ciera (Lyndsy Fonseca)

Is your book in Print, ebook or both? Only ebook right now, but I will have it in print soon.

Kristie's Movie Review: Snow White And The Huntsman - HERE


  1. Would love a copy!!! Sounds like a great read.

    RE If you would like a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a review, please leave a message in the comments box below. Make sure to include a Twitter, facebook or email address.

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