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Author Interview with Ronald Dahle, Churning Cauldron Series

Author Interview:  Ronald Dahle, currently working on the Churning Cauldron Series, the second in the series, Grey Death should be out in the Kindle format by early July and in print by mid-August. 

I was born in Portland, Maine, 31 August 1943. I spent a large portion of my life in the Army, having served in many places all over the world. I consider home wherever I feed my dogs. Right now that is in North Carolina. I have no idea where that will be next month.

My current writings, The Churning Cauldron series, is about a group of senior retired military men (the Geriatric Warriors)  who determine that America is faltering under a terrible administration which is determined to change everything America stands for. The "Geriatric Warriors" are equally resolute in preventing that, at any cost!

I am hoping to wrap this series up in three books, not sure I can do that though. A lot hinges on the result of our upcoming election. Beyond this, I am planning a series of short stories (200 pages) based on a character I just introduced in what is hopefully the last in my current series, titled The Grey Dawn. The character is a female assassin, who in addition to being drop dead gorgeous really kicks butt. She is as deadly as a coral snake. Her favorite tactic is to charm her victim and turning him/her into a willing accomplice in their demise. To find out more about her look for the Tracy Nebil Series on in the Kindle format under my name.

I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2003 having lost an altercation with a 2200 pound Icelandic pony. He crushed my skull pretty well. That took a lot of my memory out, especially names. I don't recall any of the books I read prior to that. The first book I recall reading was Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, which a friend brought me in the hospital. I underwent over 2½ years of therapy to get back to "normal" or as close as I would ever get to it. 

A series of books by John Ringo have probably influenced my writing as much as any. He is also the author I would like to meet, as I can see he and I having a lot in common (except age) and would enjoy having a beer and chasing wild women with him. One of the few books I would read again is "The Plague Dogs" by Richard Adams, one of the most delightful books I have ever read.

I am definitely an Indie Author, as I likely don't have enough time left to try to go the traditional route.

Outskirts Press designed the cover on The Churning Cauldron to my exact specification. I provided the photograph that served as the base for the image. In the future, I envision Patti Roberts designing all my covers, as I can't imagine finding an artist that does equal work, and is as accessible, and amenable as Patti is. I consider the cover the most important element in a book! It has to stop the customer dead in his tracks, and scream "pick me up!" at him. Patti's work does this.

Patti Says: Thank you Ron. It is always a pleasure to design a cover for you :) There really are some brilliant artists out there that supply wonderful pieces of art to work with.

Yes I have a book trailer, and again, the quality of Patti's trailers far surpasses that which I got from my publisher. I can't imagine not having a book trailer in your quiver, as it is an extremely potent weapon on the book marketing battlefield. (See below)

I have two dogs, the loves of my life, Zeus, the mightiest of all Gods, and Molly my super tramp. They are 12½ years old siblings. 

I usually sleep in, and skip breakfast, I know, but I make up for it by consuming ridiculous amounts of black coffee. I have to switch to red wine at night as the coffee will keep me awake, although I do my best writing between 10:00 pm and 3:00 am. 

I have a little nook in a spare room that I devote to writing. If I am going to be gone for a spell I take a laptop with me, otherwise I do all my writing on a desktop. I have a digital recorder on my bed stand; in the event I come across an idea I immediately capture it. Some of the greatest thoughts I have ever had are in orbit somewhere because I didn't write them down immediately.
I do not leave home without my Kindle, my digital recorder, a cup of coffee, and either my .45 cal or .40 cal pistol. With those four items and a credit card I can survive anything.

There is no question about who I would want to share a deserted island with. First would be Mahatma Gandhi, next would be Attila the Hun, and last but not least Agent Tracy Nebil. Each being totally unique in their own way. How could one ever get bored?

Having been stationed in and visited a lot of the world, I would like to spend one more year in Alaska, fishing, and hunting Grizzlys, and Caribou. 

I don't do movies as a rule, I hold a high degree of contempt for most actors and actresses. Politics aside I could spend some time with Demi Moore and Angelina Jolie. Their screen persona is great.

Were my book to be made into a movie, either Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford would have to play the Deacon. They are the only actors that have the swagger, and could carry the part off. For bit actors Bruce Willis, Sly Stallone, for the women, Mary Jane would have to be played by Demi Moore, Tracy Nebil demands that Angelina Jolie play the part, as she is the hottest baddest assed gal on the scene.

Who I am. I am loyal to a fault. I am slow to forgive and I never forget. I will give you the shirt off my back and ask or expect nothing in return. I consider respect extremely important, and feel it must be a two way street. Looking for Cinderella, convinced she is out there. Likely won't find her, and that is ok too.

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  1. re: looking for Cinderella, I must periodically remind myself that I am no prince charming. One needs a moment of clarity occasionally. Ron

    1. And I am no Cinderella, otherwise I would have a prince charming! :)

    2. Methinks that you come closer than I. ;<)


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