Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bloodlines Part 1 Drew D'Amato - Book review by guest blogger Jeff Dawson

Excellent Story

What can I say? This is a wonderful ride through history. The author Mr. D'Amato adds a fascinating twist to this work. Did Judas Iscariot really hang himself, or did God have a different plan?

This a very linear genealogical table for vampire enthusiasts. Who was the first? Is it Vlad the Impaler , his father, or was it someone born centuries before? That is the question that will not be answered at this time.

This is a classic tale of the "Old Guard" attempting to correct the mistakes of the past. When the "young bloods" understand the goals of the leader, they are forced to make a decision. Shall they except the wishes of the elders or do they strike out to determine their own legacy? Either path will have dire consequences for all involved.

I enjoyed the pace. For some, it might drag a bit as the story falls back and definitive timeline is drawn out and explained. It is for this reason I will be getting part II. I'm very interesting if finding out who will be victorious.

The only drawback that held back a five star review, it needs another going over by the editor. There are some mistakes which can easily be corrected.

If you are a connoisseur of history (fictional) and enjoy a well crafted novel, this one will not disappoint.  Jeff Dawson

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