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Guest Review By BookMarks - Roses at Dusk by Maree Ward-Russell

For a fan of most things supernatural (ok, all) when I was offered a chance to review Maree Ward Russell’s Roses at Dusk, well, keen would be an understatement. I’m constantly on the search for new trilogies to keep me occupied and as an opener, this one certainly left an impression.

I won’t spoil the story for you (I do hate it when book reviews do that) but I will tell you to banish all your expectations - the plot takes a whole different direction from the one you expect. I’ll admit, even a supernatural literature junkie like me did not see this coming.
However unexpected the storyline, it is well thought through and detailed in its character background and analysis. The hero Felix is more heart than hunk, and what’s more, the heroine Hannah is likeable and down-to-earth; for once there’s no over emphasis on how ‘stunning’ she is - she’s just an average, good-looking girl with an overenthusiastic gal-pal and a demon problem. Y’know, just like the rest of us. 
How to Read it: 
With a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits. You’ll need the comfort food.
Top Tips:
If you really want to get the most from it (and I know this will sound strange) brush up on your Paradise Lost - or at least google it. There are some religious and demonic themes that, while readily understandable whether you’re a Milton devotee or not, you’ll be able to read much more into if you know the background mythology.
Age: 16+
Although it’s classed as ‘teen/young adult fiction’ the themes touched upon are quite adult so I wouldn’t recommend it for younger readers.
Fantasy: 7/10
I personally enjoyed the whole ‘fallen angel’ vibe of the book and how it was intermingled with the more realistic scenes of modern America.
Language Difficulty: 5/10
On the whole it’s fairly straightforward, only a few bits of supernatural jargon might confuse the inexperienced. For the first few pages I found myself distracted by the short, staccato sentences but after that either they elongated or I became sufficiently distracted by the story not to notice.
Entertainment: 7/10
I wouldn’t exactly say ‘I couldn’t put it down’ (although I do believe that will be the case for some readers) but I did look forward to the brief interludes at work when I was secretly able to scan a few chapters.
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Review from Amazon
5.0 out of 5 stars Roses with a strange and exotic perfume.
This review is from: Roses At Dusk (The Demonic Series) (Kindle Edition)
Roses at dusk is a poetic title suggesting a romantic lover but these roses are the gift of a dangerously fascinating being. What is Hannah to do?

I was very struck by the art work and the author's description of this book and bought it almost as soon as it was published. I have waited some time before reviewing it because this story surprised me and I needed time to think about it. The author writes with passion and total commitment and the intensity of the central relationship is expertly described. It is very hard to write about what happens without being a plot spoiler but this book offers hope to anyone who feels trapped by negativity and fear, whether teen or adult. The roses also contain beauty and joy! The themes of the book reminded me of ancient fairy/folk tales, the ones passed down through generations containing hidden advice and warnings. Hansel and Gretel for example. The author appears to have a very serious purpose mixed in with a sense of fun and a wild imagination. All very much appreciated by me. I am very interested to see how this writer develops. It is amazing that she has found time to write such a thought provoking and original book while being the mother of five teens, another example of her commitment. I am very much looking forward to reading the next part of the story.
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