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Surviving Tracy: TRUE ACCOUNTS FROM SURVIVORS. In 1974, destructive cyclone devastated Darwin on Christmas Eve

A must for anyone with an interest in the subject or human reactions to disasters. Review by By Retroboi on Amazon.

I have read most, if not all, books published on Cyclone Tracy. My favourites have always been ones written by, or in close consultation with, survivors of the disaster. Which is the case with this title. Nobody can tell the story of a life-changing and devastating experience quite like a person that has experienced it first hand and the stories in this book are both harrowing and heart-warming; they tell of fear of death at Christmastime, shock and dismay at the destruction of their homes and city, and the kindness of others; as well as some incidences of greed and selfishness. 

The writers have laid bare their souls and opened up like never before, some for the first time, and told of their harrowing experiences of what remains, 41 years later, Australia's worst natural disaster. This book is a must for anyone with an interest in the subject or human reactions to disasters. I devoured the Kindle edition in no time and have ordered the print edition, which includes photographs. I very much look forward to the print edition being delivered. 

In 1974, the most destructive tropical cyclone recorded in Australia’s history devastated Darwin on Christmas Eve, turning the city into a war zone. This book is a collection of survivor stories. 

When I first began putting this book together, I had no idea how gut-wrenchingly sad it would be. While working on the formatting of this book, and reading a few passages here and there, I found myself crying as the words on the page opened old wounds and memories I’d thought long healed and long forgotten. How wrong I was. It was then that I began to realise just how traumatic it must have been, too, for those retelling their stories from that terrible night so long ago. 
Some penned stories of innocent lives lost, others of how beloved family pets had been torn from their arms, then shot to prevent the spread of disease. All remembered the demonic sound of the wind as invisible hands snatched loved ones away, while the walls, ceilings and eventually the floorboards vanished from beneath their feet. Many tell of the dystopian, war-like devastation that greeted them as they crawled out from beneath the rubble as the sun rose on that fateful Christmas morning, grateful still to be alive. 
How it was that so many survived that brutal, unforgiving night will forever remain a mystery to me, and to the thousands of other souls who survived the night from hell with Tracy. 

Patti Roberts. Author/Publisher. 

Stories submitted by: 
Patti Roberts 
Andy Stump 
Beth Cats 
Jan Berry 
Ian Philip Cork
Darly & Annette Lehmann 
Sue Gullefer 
Jan Harris 
Deb Hendry 
Ian Heron 
Kathryn Holden 
Diane Hunter 
Jilly Limb 
Costa Karaolias 
Gaby Lancaster 
A Letter from Joy 
Lesley Davis 
Marg Roderick
Mark Saban 
Bill McGuinness 
Sue McGuinness 
Chris Hopkins
Jan Oakhill 
Kev Ruwoldt 
Chrissy Schubert 
Vicki Shean 
Joyce Sprunt 
Leesa Plester 
Wayne Stubbs 
Samantha Trott 
Tracey Collins 
Tim West 
Eleanor Graves 
Ramon Williams. Photographer 
Betty Watcham. Red Cross 

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Publication date: Dec 17 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 1519790201 / 9781519790200
Page count: 392
Binding type: US Trade Paper
Trim size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related categories: Social Science / Disasters & Disaster Relief
Natural Disaster

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