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Welcome to The Dantonville Legacy Series.


BLOODGIFTED, Book 1 in The Dantonville Legacy series.

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Best selling author in gothic/mystery thrillers.

Voted runner-up in Bleeding Hearts Blog Readers Choice Best Paranormal Book Award for 2015

Being unable to age is only the beginning.

Laura Dantonville is shocked to learn her strange genetic mutation, is linked to a dark family secret—a centuries-old curse that turned her Roman ancestor into a vampire. Now that she has come of age, she is the key to breaking that curse. But she’s also the prey of rogue vampires who inhabit the city’s frightening and violent underworld, as her blood gives them the ability to daywalk. For her protection she’s assigned a guardian—the handsome, sexy and dangerous Alec Munro.
And he wants nothing to do with her. If not for her family, Alec Munro would never have been transformed into a vampire. He owes them nothing, yet he also knows his own fated role in breaking the curse, and the unthinkable consequences should he not accept.
To the Brethren, the ending of the curse spells disaster. Among a powerful few malice grows . . .
What readers are saying: 
Sweets Books Reviews: 5 cupcakes
"It was good even had me laughing out loud several times! Laura was easy to relate to, and she surprised me by acting like a woman in her mid 30's than being 50! O got how she was confused by everything, I mean her world was turned upside down over a period of a weekend basically! ... Alec was just a dream guy... I can't wait to see what happens in book 2! definitely recommend!"

Samantha J "Chic Lit Plus 4.5 stars 

"I was hooked from the beginning, and found myself picking up this story when I really should have been working on something else. I just couldn't get it off my mind! My only problem was it seemed pretty long, but it was a great story regardless and made me want to keep reading. I will definitely be looking forward to the next one in the series!

Storm Goddess Reviews: 4 stars
"Bloodgifted is a fast paced read filled with excellent world building that had me intrigued from the start. I loved the characters, the plot and the pace of this story, it definitely kept me turning the pages. I appreciate a good new world building's that a bit different from the others, and this one definitely had the twist.
I'm anxious for more! Great mix of paranormal, suspense, romance, and so much more in between!

Wonderland Avenue : 5 stars
"Bloodgifted has some plot points that hat tip The Mortal Instruments, and in a lesser sense Twilight. The older guy in a young man's body doesn't seem quite as odd seeing as - for once - the female refreshingly has the same affliction.
But, where it heavily improves on those series is that vampires are actually - you know - vampires. They're monsters, not glamourised. The characters have their human elements, but thrive on human blood, fry in the sunlight and actually have fangs, when occasion calls for it.
As things were wrapping up, the ending seemed like it was going to be too convenient, an unexpected clean slate. Naive, I say, because now I'm sitting here both kicking myself for thinking a writer would tie up a book like that, and wondering what the hell is going to happen now?"

Taylor Morgan, "Twilight Fantasies" : 5 stars
"What a thrilling read! I couldn't put it down and it was the kind of book that will stay with me for all eternity. I can't wait to read the next one! This book is right up there alongside Savage Redemption by Alexis Morgan and The Tempting of Neely, by Jake Malden."


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I spun around to face him, but as I was still out of breath all I could do was stand there, with my hands clenched by my side, and glare at him. He moved away from the door and came slowly toward me. I took a step back.
‘It occurred to me I don’t like the idea of becoming a single mother,’ I managed to say between breaths.
‘You should have thought of that sooner.’ He pulled his T-shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor.
I stared open mouthed at his chiselled body, the rippling muscles of his torso and the sword and serpent tattoo on his left breast. It was identical to the image on the stained glass window. On impulse, I reached out and touched it.
‘All the men have one. It marks us as belonging to Luc’s clan,’ he said.
‘Does he have one too?’
‘Yes.’ The look in his eyes intensified. ‘Keep touching me, Laura.’
My hands traced the hard planes of his chest, stomach and the delectable trail of dark hair that disappeared below the tops of his jeans.
‘You told me never to touch you again. You still feel that way?’
‘If I did, I wouldn’t be agreeing to this. It’s only sex, nothing more. A means to an end.’
‘Did I promise anything more?’
No, he didn’t. This was, as he so succinctly put it, a business arrangement.


LAURA'S LOCKET: A Dantonville Chronicle. The prequel to Bloodgifted.

A silver locket, a mysterious young man and a fated meeting.

When eighteen-year-old Laura Anne Dantonville goes on her end-of-school trip to Italy, she is accompanied by her two best friends, Beth and Angie. As soon as they arrive in Sorrento, she meets the mysterious—and devastatingly handsome—Philippe. He is gallant and charming, and Laura loses her heart. Their meetings are brief and secret, and Philippe gives her a lovely silver locket. She swears to wear it always. Until one night…

Laura's Locket takes place some years before BLOODGIFTED and reveals more of Laura and Philippe's history.
Out now on Amazon,  Smashwords 

BLOODPLEDGE, Book 2 in The Dantonville Legacy series. Out now at all online retailers.

Bloodpledge continues Alec and Laura’s story from Bloodgifted. Having undergone the Ritual and induction into the vampire community, Laura— the prophesised Child of Light and Darkness and last of the Ingenii—takes her place as Alec’s consort and First Lady of the Brethren.
But resentment and anger grow at Alec’s privileged position as daywalker. Among a powerful few, alliances are made and conspiracies formed, threatening a war that could destroy them all and endanger every human on Earth—creatures who would do anything to prevent the curse from ending. Now Alec and Laura must invoke the Pledge, an ancient ceremony that enforces Brethren loyalty to the Principate.

When Laura’s ex-boyfriend, Detective Inspector Matt Sommers, turns up with a threat that could expose Alec, the battle for their world and their lives begins.



In Alec’s room, a single tall, metal lamp gave off a weak light. There were no windows to allow in deadly sunrays, so presumably it predated the time when he became Princeps. The four-poster, wrought iron bed and I were well acquainted, since we’d made love in it several times.
Alec wrapped his arm around my waist and held me close. With his other hand, he tucked my hair behind my ear. ‘We have a little over an hour before the Prefects start arriving.’
‘Let’s not waste it.’ Every minute with him was precious. Three nights ago, Jean-Philippe nearly murdered us both and, even though he was now dead, the danger was not entirely over—tonight’s incident a stark reminder.
He lowered his head and kissed me with a fervency that left me breathless. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. Our tongues meshed in a delicious tangle of desire and passion.
‘What happened?’ I asked between kisses.
‘We had a disagreement ….’
I knew what he meant by that. ‘You had a fight.’
‘No avoiding it. Two of them are caged down in the cellar. Cal and Karl are keeping an eye on them till the Pledging.’
‘How many were there?’
‘Five—three men, two women.’
My stomach dropped. ‘You could have been killed!’
‘But I wasn’t.’
‘What if Luc hadn’t arrived—’
‘Shhh’, he sealed his lips over mine and, as always, I melted in his arms. A while later, he murmured against my mouth, ‘I probably could’ve handled it alone. After the Pledging tonight there should be no moreincidents.’ His lips grazed my throat.
‘Cross my heart.’ He drew the figure of a cross over his heart. ‘Luc told you about the powers of the rings. If anyone tries anything, they’re ash.’
I nodded. After a previous rebellion, centuries ago, my father forced the surviving Brethren to swear an oath on the Serpent Rings. Those who defied it were killed when the rings flashed fire and destroyed them.
I didn’t want to think about it, let alone witness something like that.
Alec could probably see the anxiety in my eyes, for he smoothed the hair from my face and said, ‘The Pledge worked in the past. No reason why it shouldn’t do so again.’ His confidence was comforting and I released the breath I’d been holding. ‘Besides,’ he said, ‘Pledge or no Pledge, I’ll kill anyone who dares try and harm you.’ A deadly edge to his voice both frightened and excited me. He lowered his head, and took complete possession of my mouth with such passion it ignited a painful throbbing in my core that only he could relieve.
His hands slid down to my waist, untied my sash. Gently he eased my robe off my shoulders. It dropped to the floor, where my camisole soon joined it. He touched the crimson vial Luc gave me, which was nestled between my breasts. It contained three drops of Marcus’s, Antonia’s and Luc’s blood, and it would render the drinker immortal. ‘Luc explained?’
I nodded.
‘Would you take it?’
‘Yes.’ I breathed.
I couldn’t tear my gaze away from his eyes. They were filled with such love, such intensity of longing I almost wished the curse wouldn’t be lifted so there’d be no chance of my blood becoming normal. Yet, our children, the future….

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