Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alexandria Santorini has gone home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance - Witchwood Estate

Going Home shouldn't be so difficult. After twelve years away, Seventeen year old Alexandria Santorini has gone home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance - Witchwood Estate - The home she grew up in and where her parents were murdered.

But there is something very evil lurking in the woods around Ferntree Falls that is quite content in making Alexandria's life more complicated than she ever imagined.

Whimsical, "TV" length episodes in an ongoing series. Witches, spells, ghosts, sprites, shape-shifters, wolves and more... For all those young at heart... An equal measure of both Magic and Evil.

This is what readers had to say:

All I can say is I loved this book - once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down!!!!! Jennifer Leblanc.

 There Be Witches Here ! April 17, 2013 By Leslie Hansford

Alexandria takes us through the pains of returning to the home she knew as a youngster; however, Ferntree Falls is not the same as she remembers it! Full of mystery, magick, mayhem and memories--Book 2 of the Witchwood Estates adventure introduces you to the good, the bad and the ugly characters that are now part of Alexandria's life.

Patti Roberts has a pristine talent for making characters on a page breathe. Love them -- Hate them ... you won't be able to help yourself from muttering under your breath about them, as you read. That is the way Patti Roberts creates. Another golden success for Patti Roberts with Book 3 on the horizon. Don't let the anticipation get to you, this one is worth the re-read!


What a delightfully magical read! For the young at heart or others who don't fear to dream. I enjoyed it so much! The wonderfully created world that you have so vividly written is easily envisaged! Katrina Whittaker


5.0 out of 5 stars Fun For Everyone! April 17, 2013 By T. Ormiston-smith
Ms Roberts truly never disappoints, and this second instalment of the Witchwood Estate story is certainly no exception. In Ferntree Falls, we are introduced to the scene of the main action, and meet some more of the nastier characters.

Roberts is at her best with the bad guys, and you cannot fail to hate Rotten Raymond and Vile Vera. The action moves quickly, but not too fast to give the reader a clear, detailed look at what is happening, and at the lovely, technicolour descriptions for which Ms Roberts is noted.

I enjoyed this episode very, very much, and the only thing I don't like about it is that I can't get my hands on the whole thing all at once! I keenly await the next instalment. The Witchwood Estate saga is exciting, it's well-written, but above all, it's fun!

 Megan rated it 4 of 5 stars.    
I wish it weren't a short story. I loved it and wanted to keep going. I will definitely keep reading the series. Patti has a magical way with words.
Conny rated it 5 of 5 stars Book 2 is sooo good, I could see it all, the house, the cemetery all of it. And OMG how I hated Raymond !!
I almost yelled at him ... (I did).

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