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I am Kathleen Evans, also known as Rayven, and I am a witch...

I am so proud to welcome, and introduce you to Kathleen Evans, the advisory Witch on all things "witchy" in the Witchwood Estate Series of books.

What and Who is Kathleen... Rayven... to her friends…. "Such a fantastically difficult question," she says, "when one is faced with answering that question..."
I am Kathleen Evans, also known as Rayven, and I am a witch - I have been for years, over twenty five years to be exact.
My path over the years has shifted, transformed into who I am today….A Witchy Woman, learning as I go.  
I have led a women’s circle and coven that met regularly for 15 years until we all decided to go off and learn different things. My path at that time was to become and Initiated Priestess of the Sept of the Swan a thread of teaching that stems from Kathy Jones and her Priestess of Avalon Training in Glastonbury, to my years with “Deer Circle” as I studied core shamanism with the teaching tradition of Michael Harner. And now to my most recent transformation into a self-dedicated Priestess of The Morrigan whose call I could not ignore any longer.
I sit on the Council of Morrigu’s Daughters whose online presence is growing on the web and Facebook and now we are becoming more active in “Real Time’ in our areas.
So look for us next year at PantheaCon! 
I am married to my Warrior, and a mother to a wonderful 12 year old son. I work full time and am the owner of RavensWing.  I love nature and I am learning the art of Bushcrafting and survival, I am a green belt in Doce Pares Escrima Kali Arnins. 

I also am a reviewer and review coordinator for DarkissReads - this is a labor of love for I am an avid reader and love to support authors in any way I can.

But when push comes to shove, I am just me, one who seeks to lead a Spirit filled life. 

Blessings to you all ~  Kat
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The Witchwood Series
All I can say is I loved this book - once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down!!!!! Jennifer Leblanc.

There is something very evil lurking in the woods surrounding Witchwood Estate... Whimsical, "TV" length episodes in an ongoing series. Witches, spells, ghosts, sprites, shape-shifters, wolves and more...

For all those young at heart... Equal measure of both Magic and Evil.

Alexandria Santorini learns as a child that she comes from a long line of Harvey witches. Now, as a teenager, Alexandria must say goodbye to Catnip Cottage and the Barnabys, her loving guardians for the last twelve years, and go home to Ferntree Falls to claim her inheritance. Witchwood Estate. The home where she was born and her parents were murdered. Her journey home becomes somewhat sinister, however, when she discovers that there are those who have other plans for her and her new friends…

Grab your broomstick/dustbuster out of the closet and come along for the ride!

What a delightfully magical read! For the young at heart or others who don't fear to dream. I enjoyed it so much! The wonderfully created world that you have so vividly written is easily envisaged! Katrina Whittaker

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Bringing a little magic into your world... one book at a time...

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