Friday, August 15, 2014

Book excerpt: The Reckoning (Ben Coverdale Book 3) by Glyn Smith-Wild

Ben knew that, somehow, he had to track down Donald who seemed to have disappeared. 

But what was the best way to go about looking and finding this evil needle in the haystack of the UK – always supposing that is where he is? He racked his brain for inspiration and the realised that, within the IT Company that he used to work for, there were experts that might be able to help. How they could do that he had no idea, but it was worth a shot.
Opening his laptop, he emailed the accountant at SRX, in Bracknell. 

"Maurice. I need to pick your brains. I’m still having problems with this Donald person. I believe he was behind an attack on Mary that very nearly killed her. Now he seems to have disappeared and I really need to find him. It’s just a long shot, but do you still have his business card? If so, can you let me have any details of mobile telephone numbers, email address, website details? I can’t imagine he would still be using any of them, but you never know. I’ve no idea where he is, but I think he’s in the UK. Is there anybody you know who might be interested in working with me to find him?"

5.0 out of 5 stars Gentle thriller with a hint of romance Book Review By J. Clarke
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is the first book written by Glyn Smith - Wild I have read. It hints nicely at the proceeding 2 books, but stands alone. It is a comfortable light read, with not too much violence and a great quirky twist near the end.
It is a mystery thriller, but with not too much suspense and the romance angle is interesting.
The French link I loved, as I too live in France, not the same region, but the comments about lunches, the law and local administration was spot on. I look forward to reading more from this author. Recommend to anyone who likes mystery, gentle thrillers and romance.

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About the Author:
Most of my working life has been in commerce one way or another. For the last twelve years I have had my own business - Otter Business Services - which was involved with offering financial advice to SME's.

I live in the South West of England with my wife, a teen-age son and a rather neurotic border collie.

I love red wine, dark chocolate and spicy food. I spend a lot of time walking the neurotic dog through our lovely, local countryside.

Living where I do, I am never far from the coast; to the south the English Channel, and to the north the Atlantic.

I love the sun, hate the rain; love summer, hate the winter.
Oh, I am a dedicated Francophile, and like nothing better than visiting France which is reflected in my first novel 'Sanctuary'.

I have now completed the Ben Coverdale Trilogy - 'Sanctuary', 'Repercussions' and most recently 'The Reckoning. The books are a blend of mystery, suspense and romance with endearing characters and intriguing story lines.

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