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Paradox Book Review & Giveaway By Bookworm Nattie – Canada

My Thoughts:

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia, Canada

The definition of Paradox:

A seemingly illogical or self-contradictory statement or suggestion, that may, in fact, be very true.

Synopsis provided by Goodreads:
War changes everything.
900 years ago, my world was a different place. Today, Grace’s strange but idealized world is turned upside by a visitor – The Angel of Death. And as Grace struggles to survive with her loss, she is also forced to endure haunting visions of the brutal and untimely deaths of others. Juliette.

As the book opens we are introduced to Abaddon, a handsome man with yellowish eyes, and an extremely cruel soul and blood that bleeds black, as do all the Grigorians in his family. Siena, his cousin and Theria, his sister. Now we have not yet met his brother Cerberus who is High Ruler, but he is mentioned quite a bit as Abaddon loathes him and wants everything that is his brothers…even his sister-in-law. A war is in progress, this war is between the the fallen House of the Grigorians and the House of the Bulguardians, in the ancient city of Altair, in Aquila Constellation.

We then move onto Grace and the start of her story, Juliette, an angel who starts as the narrator of the story, and Grace, a human child with strange nightmares and angels constantly flocking to her, Hope is one of the first Angels that come to oversee the protection of Grace, and Grace, unaware just thinks Hope is an imaginary friend. Her father is aware of what’s going on and is happy to see Hope as Grace has no real friends at school or at home and knows Hope will protect his daughter.

After the huge loss of Graces father, Hope is no longer able to help Grace, and along comes Graces second Angel to help her, Angela, and the Police Officer that broke the news about her fathers death to her Mother and to Grace. Now I haven’t quite figured out wheither or not if he is an Angel, or something else, Angela knows, but is not revealing yet, I am hoping book 2 will give me more of him as I really like his character.

The book flips back and forth from Grace, to the war, and the Grigorians and family, I don’t feel it confused me, but you have to read very carefully, it is a read that makes you think outside the box and take a look at what you always thought, or believed in. I love how we get to grow up with Grace, as it starts when she is little and ends off when she is eleven or so years old, and has come to have a great friend in Angela.

I laughed out loud in parts at the interaction with Grace and Angela, as Angela is not your everyday average little girl, a little weird at times, but Grace never noticing. I teared up when Grace lost her father, as I also have lost my father, not at such a young age, just 4-years ago so I could relate to her pain and grief. The way Patti described both Grace’s grief and Kate’s (Grace’s Mom) grief it was hard for me to read, it brought up a painful time in my life.

While having some questions, I also kept in mind knowing book 2 is on its way soon, and like all good books that have more than one book, all will be revealed in good time, and that is why I am so super excited to read the next book. I absolutely loved this one, I wish it was a bit longer, but knowing more is to come it only has made me anticipate the next book even more. It sets my imagination to wonder, what will be revealed next, will we find out more about the Police Officer, will Angela reveal who he is? Will we figure out why Grace keeps traveling in and out of her body to different times and people?

And lets not forget that cliffhanger at the end OMG I closed the book and said to myself, “I have to have more right now” LOL. I love Patti’s style of writing, it is a book you have to read slowly and carefully, but only so that you don’t miss anything, Patti does such a phenomenal job at describing every detail, and I am dying to figure out how a war 900-years ago revolves around a little girl and her Angel friend.

The book is 115 pages, and is an introductory to much more to come, it was meant to give the reader a chance to get to know Grace a bit better, and what a wonderful job Patti did with that. I have to thank Patti for allowing me to read her novella and I would recommend this book to all. It is a superb book and I think you will all enjoy it as much as I did.

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