Monday, August 1, 2011

Bittersweet Enchantment - Interview and book giveaway - ends August 8th

Hi Patti. Thank you for being here to do a interview with me about your new book, Paradox "The Angels Are Here. I am sure my readers would love to know all about your book and yourself. After reading Paradox I must say I really loved it. I am sure my readers would too so without any further ado on with the questions about you book.

LinkQ. What age groups do you recommend for the readers of Paradox?

A: I say 14 and up. Some would say that some of the subject matters are for an older audience but I disagree. It wasn’t that long a go in history that a 14 year old girl was old enough to wed and expected to bear children. In some cultures today they are very much considered adults. History has also shown us that in order to keep bloodlines “pure” it was nothing if not expected for brother and sister to produce an heir. Thankfully, the society that most of us live in today does not applaud or encourage this way of life.

To read more about this interview and an opportunity to win a copy of this book please visit Bittersweet Enchantment blog.

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