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Interview with Author - Dennis Sheehan. Author of the book "Purchased Power".

Where were you born and where do you call home?
I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. I now live in Westchester New York.

What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 30 or less words, what would you say?
My most recent book  is Purchased Power. I wrote Purchased Power to be a thought provoking easy read.

If you gave some of your characters an opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?
How did I get involved in this? Be careful he is tougher than we thought? She has betrayed me for the last time.

Do you have plans for a new book?   Is this book part of a series?
My next book is complete, it is called Green to Red and I am now in negotiation with it. It is a prelude to a series.

What or who inspired you to write?  And how long have you been writing?
I have been writing on and off for years, I had many articles published along with several books "Chinese Art and History" was published as a text book for one university. I translated and edited a Book written by the Minister of Health in Russia, entitled Mine Blast Trauma. I know, not very interesting. I had lived and worked in China for fifteen years and in Russia for seven. When I came back to the States I frequented the Gramercy Park Hotel Bar in New York. There were a group of regulars who I would meet for drinks and swap stories, they pretty much all had international backgrounds and we would discuss many subjects but mostly I liked to tell of my experiences. One evening one of these guys told me he was the VP of sales for TOR Books and told me he loved my stories and I should really start to write again. I did and the result is two books and one in process.

Would you like to giveaway a copy of your book on this blog?
Sure, I give books away all the time. I consistently post on my Facebook  page that I give books to any person serving in the Armed Forces a free book as my way of thanking them for their Service to this Country.

How did you come up with the title and cover design?
Purchased Power is about political corruption and intrigue and how it effects us. I have woven a story around the experience of one man, John Moore, who through no fault of his own gets pulled into it. It is a close up view how power is gotten and often misused. Purchased Power seemed to fit the story. The cover design was a collaborative effort, The Chinese character means power in that language. The squares cut into pennies represented the U.S. dollar being taken over by China.

Have you based any of your characters on someone you know, or real events in your own life?
I believe that the creative process draws on our experiences and people we have known or interacted with. The story might be fictitious, but I think most writers draw on actual experience when they are developing characters or events.I try to write fiction to allow it to illustrate an understanding of thing that are real but unfashionable, like global corruption.

What books have most influenced your writing most and why?
I would have to say all of Hemingway's work.  He had great attention to detail, the ability to bring you into the story and bring out the adventurer hiding in you.

Is there an Author that you would really like to meet?
I have met many author's but the one I would truly like to meet is Aristotle and hopefully I will; in the distant future.

Do you prefer ebooks, paperbacks or hardcover?
I like them all for different reasons, I like ebooks for their convenience, great on planes. Hardcovers are nice to have in your library but there is nothing like a paperback to curl up with on a rainy day, the feel of the book with bent pages and marked up margins just seems soothing to me. When I first went to China, I brought two Robert Ludlam Books with me, I read and re-read those two books for years, they were comforting and a pleasure each time I read them. That was before ebooks but I don't think I would have had the same feeling with an e reader.

Where do you prefer to buy your books?
Without a doubt, small book stores. I can spend an entire day searching the back isles or chatting with the owners or other patrons, they are great.

Are you a self published (Indie) Author?
No, but I like the idea of self publishing, it takes the hassle out of dealing with publishers, editors and all that goes with it.

Have you ever read a book more than once?
Constantly! I have found that every time I read a book, after the first time, I get a new perspective.

Is there a particular movie that you preferred over the book version?
Not really, it's a different form of entertainment. What happens in one minute on the screen or the one page of the screenplay can take hours in the book. It gives you time to contemplate  and savor certain scenes that just fly by in the movie. Don't get me wrong I love movies they just tell the story in a different way.

What book are you currently reading and in what format (ebook/paperback/hardcover)?"Your Company Sucks" by Mark Stevens in Hard Cover. I don't generally like business related books but his are both entertaining and informative.

What book do you know that you will never read?
Anything to do with Vampires.

Are there any new Authors that have grasped your interest and why?
Yes, two come to mind immediately, Rose Colombo and William Feltinson, they do not write in a genre I normally read but they are so passionate about their writing and subject matter they have to be applauded.

Is there anything you would change in your last book and why?
NO. I like the story the way it is.

Who designed the cover of your book?
A great designer at the publisher, he was open to my ideas and came up with some great ones himself.

Do you have a book trailer?
Yes, it is on You tube.

What are your thoughts on book trailers?
Not worth the time, effort or expense.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
No, but I am always willing to take some.

What is the best advice that you have ever been given when it comes to writing?
Be patient and develop a thick skin.

Do you write under a pen name?
No, I like my name.

Do you ever write in your PJ’s?
I don't wear them.

Cats or dogs?
No I had two but they both died last year, I don't think I'll have another.

White wine or red?
As long as it has a cork, count me in.

Coffee or tea?

Favorite food?
I have eaten just about every cuisine in the world, in the finest restaurants but I have to admit nothing beats a good burger.

Vanilla or chocolate icecream?

What do you normally eat for breakfast?

What are 3 things you never leave home without?
My shoes, my pants and my keys.

Laptop or desktop for writing?

Where do you prefer to do your writing?
where ever I am.

If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?
Reese Witherspoon, Ann Hathaway and John BonJovi.

One of your favorite quotes -
If your not the lead dog you'll be staring at asses all your life!

List 3 of your all time favorite books?
Keys of the Kingdom, For whom the Bell Tolls and Tai Pan

List 3 of your all time favorite movies?
Keys of the Kingdom, The entire Bourne Series and The Princess Diaries

An actor you have a crush on -
Goldie Horn

What is a movie or TV show that you watched recently and really enjoyed?
Taken with Liam Neilsen

Where can your readers follow you?
On facebook, Dennis Sheehan or Purchased Power, on Twitter @dennissheehan, my website and Linkedin Dennis Sheehan

About the book:

John Moore is a successful and brilliant yacht designer living the good life outside of San Francisco. Life seems perfect, when without warning he discovers his wife is being unfaithful and plotting to take over his business. He quickly devises a plan to save his business and leave her for good. He soon finds himself in a world he did not know existed--a world of global political corruption and intrigue. Purchased Power is a story of human weakness, greed, and good people whose errors in judgment put their lives on perilous paths. Follow John Moore on an epic journey to some of the most exotic countries in the world as he tries desperately to save a good woman from the clutches of the corrupt.

Image of Dennis Sheehan
Dennis Sheehan has lived and worked in China, Russia, Libya Europe and South America. Sheehan uses his travel and life experience to develop stories about International politics and intrigue. His background in dealing with governments and government agencies has given him a unique outlook on the geopolitical arena. Sheehan was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended several colleges and completed his Military Services in the United States Marine Corps. Mr. Sheehan now lives and works in a suburb of New York with his family.
A note from the author,

Please visit me on my web site or visit the Purchased Power facebook page or follow me on twitter DennisSheehan.
If you would like me to visit your book club on skype please visit my web site and make an appointment. I truly enjoy discussing Purchased Power with various groups.

Thank You for this interview.
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Dennis Sheehan

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