Monday, August 1, 2011

First week of the August Blog Hop - Lots of books to be won!!!

Week 1 (Aug 1st- Aug 7th)

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Start of August's Blowout Summer Blog Hop!

Our first week!!!! (all give-aways open internationally!)

READ N REVIEW Contest! Mon-Thurs! (Aug 1st- 4th Only)

Enter this contest to win:

Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte Blood Will Tell (Warriors of Ankh #1) Paradox - The Angels Are Here: My name is Juliette, and I would like to tell you a story that stretches over a vast passage of time. (Volume 1)

Here is how you enter:

1) Submit a review for one of our nominees and post it on your blog, Goodreads, B&N,etc:
(see nominees HERE)

2) Submit fan art from one of the nominees (draw a picture using the computer of one of your favourite characters)
(see nominees HERE)

3) If you haven't read any of the nominees write about one you WANT to read and explain why.
(see nominees HERE)

And -

Be a Teaser Contest! Friday ;) (Aug 5th only!)

Enter this contest to win:

Slumber (Chronicles of the Fade, #1) Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella

Here is how you enter:

1) Post a teaser from one of the nominees in the comments to be entered in the draw twice!

2)Post a teaser of any YA novel in the comments to be entered in the draw once!

In the comment include:

- you name

-your email (so we can let you know if you won!)

- the name of the book your teaser is from

- the teaser

- if you have one or two points

Check back Aug. 6th to see if you won anything from the Read N Review Contest and/or the Be a Teaser Contest!

Stay tuned to SeeitORreadit for more on AUGUST'S BLOWOUT SUMMER BLOG HOP!

More info on Team Paradox here - After the book... follow the blog and help support Team Paradox in the August Blog Hop!

Lenmeo - Book reviewer

Twitter - @Lenmeo

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